Film poster for The Pirates! - Courtesy of Col...

Film poster for The Pirates! - Courtesy of Columbia Pictures (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I reviewed Pirates: An Adventure with Scientists for YNaija sometime in April this year. Read it a few nights ago and just thought to share it with you. Enjoy!

I love animation, watch it every chance I get. Going to see Pirates: An Adventure with Scientists was not my idea though, was my six-year-old nephew’s. Warning!!! Do not promise a child a cinema date if you don’t see it happening in the nearest future; they will weary you with reminders! Truth is, it wasn’t totally against my will; since I saw one trailer and then heard it had taken over 500 people and five years to make my interest was piqued. Plus it’s set in England, what else would you expect from a Bristol-based company?

About the film. Pirates: An Adventure with Scientists is a tale of a largely unsuccessful pirate crew led by the Pirate Captain voiced by Hugh Grant (swoons) who has sworn to enter and win the Pirate of the Year Award ahead of competition Black Bellamy (Jeremy Piven), and Cutlass Liz (Salma Hayek). Only problem is the one he’s got though; to stand a chance the pirate crew must present some remarkable booty, and plunder as many ships as possible. The closest Pirate Captain has come to remarkable though is the runner-up award for ‘best anecdote about a squid’.

After being humiliated by Black Bellamy, Cutlass Liz and lots of other pirates at Blood Island when he goes to pick his nomination form, he swears to clinch the title, leaves in a huff and proceeds to attack a geography class expedition ship, a nudist ship, a ghost ship, and a plague ship Gold, possessions, and/or rides taken? None. Zilch. Nada!

Pirate Captain and his crew attack one last ship and find Charles Darwin (David Tennant) working on some experiments. By the way, Darwin’s only fear in life is that he might never get a girlfriend. Smart Darwin convinces Pirate Captain that Polly his beloved Parrot is actually a dodo, and the last of an almost extinct species. Presentation of the dodo at an annual meeting of scientists will fetch quantum amounts of gold, riches, and acclaim. The Pirate Captain is sold, and against the advice of his crew, they set sail for London. Can I say that Polly the parrot looks closer to a chicken or duck than a parrot?

Anyway, so the Queen (whose motto is ‘I hate Pirates’) finds them out despite their disguise. What follows involves the sale of the Polly, Pirate Captain ‘s Pirate of the year Award which he holds for all of one minute, his crew’s disillusionment and desertion, a battle (per se), and a happy ending all animations are sworn to.

Did I enjoy it? I loved it! The script was beautiful, with just the right dose of sarcasm, and I thought the cue card wielding monkey was hilarious!

Released in the US as The Pirates! Band of Misfits, this film shows Aardman Animations is still major competition for DreamWorks and Pixar.

Unfortunately, 3D these days has become another way to pillage consumers; it being in 3D did absolutely nothing for/to it. That was the only trouble I had with it, and maybe the fact that I’m getting too old to be thoroughly enjoying films like these.

Off to watch my first horror movie.


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