I love children. Not news, as long as you know me well. I absolutely adore children. I teach Sunday School every chance I get, and I’m not disgusted when I have to change diapers, wipe bottoms or vomit; the one thing I cannot stand is the ‘nose cleaning’ business. I’ve tried, I swear to you I’ve tried to accept it in my mind (because I’ve never tried it in real life) but the way I shudder/shiver/cringe just at the thought of it tells me I’ll probably never do it. Yes. Even for my own children. Especially since my Momma didn’t do it, and I think we turned out ok!

This post (the first of a series I hope) is in honor of my darling nephew and first grandchild of my parents. I’m aunty to a lot of little ones already but I guess this birth hits home not only because it’s my (only) sister’s first, but also because I was there for it (or at least most of it).

Booboo was born on Monday the 2nd of July 2012 but we’ll kick back three days, give you a bit of background to his birth.

My boo boo!!


After work (my sister went to work too – babe is just gangster), I met up with my sister and we went to view a property. Road was pretty bumpy and after sometime she just stopped in the middle of the road. Instinctively I looked back to be sure no one was behind us, and then I asked ‘are you ok, what’s going on’? She said ‘I just had a contraction’. What!?!! In the middle of nowhere? Yes I panicked, but not too much.

She had quite a few that evening, but it wasn’t time.


I spent most of Saturday at home, just taking stuff easy. I’d had a pretty busy week, and I just felt like I needed to stop, put my feet up, and relax.

My sister had a fairly easy day as well, a few contractions every couple hours but nothing major. We were looking forward to attending the Mid Year Praise Concert at House On The Rock The Refuge the next day, and my sister had been speaking to the little one inside her to chill till after the service! Especially since we had planned to attend both services and I’d never attended the much talked about Urban Alternative Service. The evening and the morning…..


I’d take you through a lot of talk but bottom line, we didn’t make it to church; she just wasn’t in the place to go. I remember taking lunch to her and her husband, and then I had to go take care of some stuff. I was having dinner with a friend when she called and said ‘we’re going to the hospital’. I was excited, scared, worried, and then excited again, all at the same time. I raced down there.

What followed were the most intense seven hours I’ve ever experienced till date. Ladies and gentlemen, labour is not a joke, it is intense! Dang! At some point, I started thinking, ‘gestational surrogate’…. Kinda still thinking about it to be honest. It broke my heart to see my sister in so much pain. Made me wonder how women who have up to seven children do it. Seriously? Go through this seven times?

When I’m not thinking about the surrogate business I’m praying hard so I can have twins (not fussy about their gender), and rest!

By 4am, we were ready. We got into the delivery room; I had been psyching myself all evening that I would stay there all through the delivery but as soon as I saw the first signs, heard my sister scream, I left, so my heart wouldn’t stop. Want to know what I did? I went into the next ward she’d been allocated and started crying. I was crying shamelessly, praying, begging God to take her pain away, and help her get the business over with quickly. With every scream, I cried and prayed even harder.

That must have gone on for about 10 minutes when one of the nurses came in and told me to go see the baby!! Still wailing, I rushed in, kissed my sister, and then went to look at my little munchkin, the most beautiful, active, adorable baby in the world!

Welcome, our prince; may you reign amongst princes, enjoying the backing of heaven in everything you do. Favour will attend your every move, and divine direction every step. You are under the shadow of the Almighty, protected from all evil.

Welcome, Liam Kenechukwu Kolawole Keazor, aunty loves you loads!

Obele Eze!! Welcome Boo boo!!

  1. Ifeanyi Nwachukwu says:

    Wow! Simply beautiful! Congratulations! I had a close friend recently give me vivid accounts of her experience in the labour room; it’s her first time! Afterwards, I started thinking twice about the number of kids I’d said I’d like to have and of my desire to witness labour when the time comes. May God bless mothers everywhere!


  2. ifesinachi says:

    congrats chioma.m.welcome to the club(though you is still a floor member)…glory to God for safe delivery…P.S…are you in 9ja?sent u a mail on your facebook…expecting your reply


  3. qintaro says:

    a nice experience well documented.


  4. OB says:

    So sweet!


  5. Eziaha says:

    Awwwwwwww. So sweet. Welcome to d aunty world. Just to rub it in, I started having nieces from ss1 :p


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  8. […] was there when he was born (well not there the entire time to be honest, I freaked out at some point), and I’ve bathed him, sang to him, fed him, rocked him to sleep, strapped him on my back. […]


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