Did you watch the Olympics Opening Ceremony yesterday? I loved it!! First of all, the bit with the Queen and Daniel Craig was fabulous, shaking my head at my friends on Twitter who were arguing about it being the real Queen or not! Are you for real? As in that could have been Her Royal Majesty? Our own Mama Charlie? Jump from a chopper?

The high point of the ceremony for me however was Rowan Atkinson joining the orchestra! I think it was a brilliant touch, and Mr Bean was just hilarious! I loved it! The only problem I had was MTN and the horrible network! I couldn’t tweet or share my thoughts on the ceremony like my friends were doing…. I slept soon after jor! By the way who’s noticed the trend with MTN switching off (cos that’s what it feels like) our data services in the evenings, and then restoring in the morning? And yet they’re quick to cut you off sometimes even before you BIS expires, for a service you’ve not maximized? SMH

It’s a beautiful day, started out cool but is a bit sunny now (wonderful because I gave my clothes to be washed and I’m particular about them drying properly) and so, even though the Pinch of Humor for today is kinda late, it’s still on the day. By now you must be wondering at the state of my mind abi? Cos today’s clearly not Saturday (the day after the Olympics Opening Ceremony, etc) but errr…. Remember I’m a fairy? And I have special powers? Aha! Imagine me sprinkling fairy dust over you, and voila! It’s Saturday morning!!

Enjoy the pictures!

This is not me subbing myself….#justsaying

I remember when this happened to me in an exam in Secondary School. One of my friends even asked me why I wasn’t drawing and I said ‘I’m not answering that question’. Then she said, ‘oh, it’s question 1, that one is compulsory’!

Saw this and it amused me to no end… please ignore the four letter words…

I need to tell my heart this honestly!

C’mon!!! Even if you’re so pissed I was late with this one, this picture would surely make you smile!

There you go!! Welcome to the new month, try not to bother/stress yourself, and enjoy a fabulous rest of the week!

  1. HAHAHAHAHA! I love the one with the heart and the brain. Marvellous 🙂


  2. amazing story lines..


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