First time I met Meka was in 2009 when he was on the panel of judges for a television soccer game show I auditioned for; I remember he asked me to do my presentation in Pidgin. To be honest I think I did fairly, and so I wasn’t really surprised when I got invited for the second round. Unfortunately I was outside the country and wouldn’t be back by the date so I rang and asked if I could get an extension. I spoke to Meka, and I remember he said, ‘so we should set up all our equipment on a totally different day for you?’ Broke my heart, my poor fragile heart. I didn’t make the audition, but my friends Sarah and Tony got the gig so I wasn’t too sad!

Next time we met and actually became friends was in 2010 when he launched Shop Nigeria with some buddies, and I was so impressed I got a card almost immediately! Then he moved to Rhythm 94.7fm where he co-anchored The Morning Drive with Doug till Doug moved to Lagos and he owned/ran the show.

Meka doing what he knows best…..

Since then we’ve hung out a couple times, and the world has revolved and rotated as ordained. Till now.

Recently I’ve found out a few things about Meka. I found out that  in March 2011, Meka was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. This is a condition that has made Meka suffer from hypertension, exhaustion and drowsiness. His body retains water, resulting in him having swollen feet. Meka, who does not drink alcohol, contracted this disease as a result of a rare kidney infection, glomerulonephritis.

I’ve also learnt that his kidneys can fail at any time, and even though both kidneys are going south, he only needs to replace one; doctors say he can survive on one kidney. Meka is also suffering from gastritis brought on by the medication he is taking for the hypertension.

Good news.  Meka and his doctors have identified a compatible kidney donor. This procedure, however, needs to be performed abroad and will cost a total of Seven (7) Million Naira; it will cover logistics (flights et al), medical bills (dialysis, harvest – transplant – surgery, medication), and post surgery care.

Do I have 7 million Naira? No. Do you have 7 million Naira? I don’t know. What I do know is this; if 7000 of us give 1000 Naira, we would meet that target, and Meka would get the new lease of life he deserves.

Why can’t the surgery be done in Nigeria you might ask, why don’t we have facilities to cater to this kind of issue? Questions we don’t have answers to, situations we cannot control. What can we control? 1000 Naira! If I got ten of my friends to give a thousand and you got ten of your friends and they all got ten of their friends……. See how much power we’ve got?

Meka is 31 years old, engaged to be married, and has lost both parents. And so I beg you; don’t let his dreams die, don’t let his voice die; put your N1000 to good use.

Dear Meka, I’ll be at your wedding!

All donations can be made into the following accounts:

ACCOUNT NUMBER : 2080664569


ACCOUNT NUMBER : 0023054669

A big thank you to everyone who already sent their donations in, may we never lack people to speak for us in the day of adversity.

Put your money where your mouth is…. Oche’s done that…..

…….because it’s not enough to tweet/blog/Facebook……..

  1. This is a worthy cause and we should all give it our full support & like Chioma said let’s put our N1,000 where our mouth is. I have


  2. seyi says:

    pls i need to know if the accounts are savings or current accounts?

    pls reply asap



  3. Chief Sista says:

    I gave more than 1000 cos we need all the donations we can get!

    @the comment about being at his wedding. I’ll be there too!

    Please keep me posted.

    God Bless FGS and God Bless Meka Akerejola.


    • Sista, we’ve raised more than 1.5million naira in less than one week! Impressive, but very far from the total amount he needs for a new lease of life…. We can’t stop now!

      Bless you too sista!!


  4. Terungwa Chatos says:

    get well soon Meka, we your friends and loved ones miss you so so much and by the grace of God nothing will happen to you.. I WISH YOU SPEEDY RECOVERY


  5. Momoh says:

    Lovely post… Inspiring…. made my donation already…


  6. DJ Marv says:

    Good one FairyGodSister.
    I’m gonna do my bit asap.


  7. gboyega obateru says:

    i’ve known meka for a while now, i must say it sad reading this……………..i’l definately make my donation asap and i wish him speedy recovery. God bless and you meka!!!!


  8. Ugo says:

    Yea,this is really touching…I(and the rest of my family) met Meka through my brother Tony and Sarah during the Soccer Mega Show,and ever since then he’s being a household name for us.

    We are doing our best to get more people to donate….Tony is trying so hard in Lagos to get his friends and colleagues to help.

    Meka,we shall all be there @ your wedding.


  9. OB says:

    Show me how much you have ‘dropped’, and I’ll double it. No kidding.


  10. says:

    Hi Chioma my name is Nana Ekanem, my husband is Meka’s friend. Please we have made our own personal contribution but we r still trying in our own little way to raise more money to save Meka. My younger sis works at TY Danjuma Foundation and we have spoken to her boss who has said that the foundation will be willing to make a donation if an official letter is brought to their office requesting for their assistance. Can u kindly refer me to anyone at Rhythm 94.7 who can assist us with this as soon as possible because TY Danjuma Foundation will be holding a fund raiser on tha 9th Sept. 2012 and if we can submit the letter before then they will helps us raise some funds for Meka too.
    I look forward to hearing from u.
    Nana Ekanem


  11. […] the 14th of August 2012, I put up a post calling for help for Meka Akerejola, an OAP in Abuja who needed surgery urgently. Guess what? He’s back! And he’s fine! He […]


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