Hello you!

Good week? Mine’s been on a sort of pendulum type ‘P’, swinging between pleasant, exciting, ecstasy, and then several shades of disappointment.

Week started out alright, went to the House On The Rock with my sister, Momma, and boo boo, and the service was electric! It started from the choir’s perfect rendition of a very difficult song ‘Get in the Spirit’, to the sermon which spoke clearly to my situation. I had been a little ‘somehow’ immediately I found out that Pastor Goodheart C Ekwueme wasn’t around but Pastor Chinedu Nwosu took us home with the ‘Rest in the storm’ sermon! Whoop!

Week was pretty uneventful, my contract with a government commission was up on Tuesday but technically I’m still there because I’m rounding up on training my successor and wrapping up on projects. Word of advice? Sort out everything before you start to expend your energy on behalf of any government agency. The bureaucracy  according to the Bible, ‘wearieth them all’.

Made some progress in the registration of CC Consulting Services Limited; I must say that the long, winding process of registration makes it easier for business owners to just operate without registration. Plus the fact that I was there on Wednesday with photocopies of every document they had asked for, the letters too. I was told to come the next day but I couldn’t make it. By Friday when I went there they had lost everything. EVERYTHING.

So we started again. Yup, we started everything again. Fortunately I had only handed in photocopies, and I’d gone there that day with the originals. Apart from filling out all the forms again, I had a 45 minutes wait because ‘network was down’.

Before all of that I’d been to Access/Intercontinental Bank to get my ATM card (they’d rang to tell me it was ready –nice) only for me to get there and they’d spelled my name wrong. How do you spell my name wrong when I wrote it out for you?

Before then too I’d spent a few hours with @jeremyweate; brilliant, interesting conversation over a nice, rich, mocha. At 6feet 5inches tall, Jeremy completely dwarfed me and I am tall (or like to think so). We talked about Nigeria, new media, the ‘fight against corruption’, lots of interesting stuff. Plus there are fresh opportunities for networking and that always gets me excited!

Then, on Wednesday the 14th I blogged about a dear friend of mine, Meka Akerejola who is battling kidney failure. He’s 31 years old, engaged to be married, and has lost both parents. He desperately needs a kidney transplant but cannot afford it (7 million naira) so all his friends are leading the drive to raise that money for him. 7000 people give 1000 naira and we hit the target. Guess what? In seven days we’ve raised one million, five hundred thousand, and some. Isn’t that amazing?

We’re still very far off though so if you haven’t given towards that cause, please help. His details are:

ACCOUNT NUMBER : 2080664569


ACCOUNT NUMBER : 0023054669

Did I tell you that my nephew got immunized on Thursday? Momma says if I had been there I would have been reduced to tears, he cried so much! Spent the night at my sister’s and he was in so much pain, fretting et al, it broke my heart. He’s good now though, thank od for that!

It’s the long weekend, what with Sallah upon us, and I’m really excited for my Muslim brothers and sisters on the Ramadan fast, well done! Thanking God in advance for y’all for answered prayers, happy celebrations tomorrow! Who’s inviting me over?

Hmmm, what else? Went to Utako market yesterday, haven’t been there in almost three years! Seeing so many live chickens in one part of the market reminded me of growing up and my folks trying to get us to be able to kill chickens. Two stories but I’ll share one so I don’t change the way you see me.

My darling sister elected to kill a chicken in the bathroom (actually she’d been instructed by my folks to kill, pluck and boil by the time they got back), she only just picked the venue for the slaughter. The bathroom was tiled, floor and walls. She entered the bathroom, bird in hand, placed it on the floor, held it in place, and plucked a few feathers off its neck. Then she gave it a cut, and blood gushed. The chicken jerked, it startled her so she let it go and the thing started flying, shrieking and splattering blood everywhere. Of course she started screaming; hilarity for days!!

Nope, I still haven’t killed a chicken, of course I’m afraid. Unashamedly so.

Enjoy the long holiday, and a fruitful week. That’s an order!!

  1. Awwww, so sorry about the disappointments. May this week be better.
    I have never killed a chicken but I know to never ever let it go, especially after having sliced it’s neck.
    My warmest, biggest, ‘bearest’ hug to your nephew.


    • Hey babe!! Amen o, looking to a much better week! About the chicken, ha ha ha! We were really young then o, this must have been 1998 or so… And I’ll convey your special hugs to my nephew! Mwah!


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