Posted: September 24, 2012 in DAY 2 DAY, TRAVELOGUE
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Hiya!!! New week right? It’s the final week in September, and I’m happy! Happy because it’s now three months to Christmas, because there are a lot of beautiful things in the offing for me, and most importantly, I am alive and well!

I’m starting the week with an update to a post I did on the 14th of September; more like a rant about the disgusting treatment my seven-year old nephew and I received at Super Cuts Salon at Lakeside Shopping Mall the day before. My nephew is back in Nigeria (I’m sure he’s even forgotten about it; he’s seven) but I was upset, I complained about it to the appropriate quarters, and I let you here know what was going on. It’s only courteous that I update you on what’s happened since then.

I’ve reproduced most (if not all) the correspondence so it reduces the text from me; I’ll just be narrating, and supplying dates. And I have one question at the end, don’t read any further if you’re not going to help! Lol… but seriously, you need to help. Ok?

Ok, so I sent out the complaint on the morning of the 14th, this reply came in about two hours after. Kama is Customer Care

Ann-Marie called, and apologized profusely on behalf of the company. She explained that the stylists were trained to cater to all types of hair, especially if it was just to cut. Not all of them were trained to style Afro-Caribbean hair though so if it was me looking to get something done, then they could have told me nicely that they weren’t trained to handle my hair. Not a simple cut, and especially not to tell me they weren’t insured to cater to the boy. She said she would start an investigation, and let me know how it went.

She was nice, and sounded really sincere.

Jackie is Snr Vice President; she sent this email about 4.30pm the same day (Friday). It was close of business by the time I saw it though, so we ended up speaking the following Monday..

Jackie rang, and had me recount the entire incident for her. She apologized as well, and said to get in touch if I wasn’t satisfied with the outcome of the investigation.

She sounded nice too.

I got this on the 20th; investigation’s done….

Ok, so Jackie had told me the investigation was done the day before, on the 19th…

Ok, so this is a link to the report…… RC264489 SC Lakeside 2 Agwuegbo 19.09.12 Long story short? I was really angered by it.

Yeah, this was me expressing my disappointment, anger, call it whatever. I’m getting drained from all the back and forth. Whatever happened to a simple apology?

Now, the Customer Care people didn’t respond; it was Jackie who did. Now that I think of it, never heard from Ann-Marie after that day as well. Hmmmm

Don’t know how I feel about this email… Looks to me like we’re all avoiding the truth here.

Ok, so on the 14th I had sent off letters of this incident to a few other people. One of the responses came back on Friday…..

Yeah, I just had to know if I was in the right. Apparently I am, because I can prove what they’re asking.

Ok, so this is where we are; I think I know what I want to do next, but I want to sample opinions. Thoughts anyone? Good morning.

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  2. Knowing how this environ is, the response you got after the purported investigation comes as no surprise at all. Infact, it was rather spot on to what i expected. You can of course explore every other avenue available to you and i shall support but this will be only at your behest. Still, the result is very predictable and expected.


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