Whoop! So I’m finally getting to this, and it’s nostalgic just writing…. *sigh* I was in Nigeria from the middle of May till the 11th of September when I came back home to London. This is a bit of a thank you note/quick round up of the things I got involved in while I was around. So I made a quick trip to and from London in June, but this isn’t about that; hopefully the testimony from that trip will be shared soon. Say amen!

Started on what would be a four-month contract with the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) to create and manage their presence online, leading up to the signing and implementation of the MYTO 2. By the way, MYTO 2 stands for Multi Year Tariff Order, and involved among other things, an upward review of electricity prices around the country. Before NERC takes over this post, all the information you need about NERC is here. The official report off that consultancy is available on request but a summarized version is available on my website, you’re welcome to it.

What else did I do? I had a birthday party, I got some work done, I registered my company, my sister had a baby (the cutest baby in the world), Sista Sista happened and I was around for it, I fell in love (the one Bey calls ‘dangerously in love’), I changed my look (absolutely smashing, if I must say so myself), what else? I fell ill, ended some friendships (thank you Jesus), forged new relationships, met some very great people, did some work as an election observer, I could go on and on and on!


Four months! When I thought I’d spend only one; man proposes but God disposes abi? Rang true for me on this trip honestly. At some point it was frustrating because it was like I was burning the candle at both ends, but a few weeks back in London and I can see it was worth it. Every single day.

I’m grateful to God for journey mercies to and from the several places I visited, for protection (especially because Abuja isn’t what it used to be security wise), for provision (I kinda never lacked anything), and for the wisdom to say no to some stuff, and embrace others with wide, outstretched arms.

I’m grateful to my family, my dad (super dad), my ever supportive mother, my darling sister, my big brothers, and the newest member, my boo boo (the cutest baby in the entire world)! I know I’ve said that already but hey, it’s my nephew! I’m grateful for the privilege of experiencing Liam’s birth, of being one of the first people to look at his face after he popped out. Was I there? That story is here. I’m grateful for the two months I spent with  him, thankful for every smile, the laughter, the times he slept on demand, I love you baby boo!

My boo boo in his car seat! My darling!!! Yoving you!! (No it’s not spelled in error…he prefers to hear it that way)!

I’m grateful I met the one who calls me Pebbles, thankful for the pleasure of your company, the reward of your smile, the patience, kindness, and unconditional, unwavering care you showed, and continue to show me. I’m thankful for the things you taught me (remember the three rules of money,the six P’s), the hilarious stories you told, my excesses you accommodated, the gifts you gave, it would take a full post (and some) to tell your story. Thank you babe, thank you.

I’m grateful for the great people I met; especially people I’ve been chatting to via social media platforms that I finally met. I’m talking about people like @Soluwatobi, @dfasoro, @Mister_Mobility, @rmajayi, @DamiOyedele, @Saratu, @Jeremyweate, the list is almost endless! Thank you for brilliant conversations, learning, experiences, the laughter; thank you for your friendship.

That’s @Abangmercy, @Saratu, @Elnathan, and I at @Alkayy’s; he’d invited us for Iftar dinner (during the Ramadan fast)

I’m grateful for my clients, big and small. Thank you for trusting me with your briefs, thank you for the experiences, lessons learnt, and more feathers for my professional cap!

Shout out to all my friends, the @I_blend family; thank you for the PB, I had an amazing time! Do I mention names? Wouldn’t want to start a war because I missed a name o! Thanks for always being a home away from home; amazing how so much emotion can be conveyed via technology. I love you guys!

Yes, RIP to my darling Waffles, who died on the 20th of June 2012, barely six months after he was born (January 24th, 2012). I love you Waffles, and I miss you loads!

Waffles and I in June, two weeks before he passed. I called him Waffles, my brother called him Stinky, Momma called him Smart. We all miss you!

Ok, so I’m back now, and it’s back to work, back to the grind. My stay at home though? Absolutely brilliant!

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  1. Tee says:

    Home is where the heart is…glad you had a great time.


  2. Beautiful. And your nephew is cute too 🙂


  3. Glam says:

    Who calls you Pebbles o?!!!!!! Lol………speak now or forever be haunted!!!!!!!


  4. Kunle says:

    Yes o. I second GLAM. Who calls you Pebbles ???


  5. @damioyedele says:

    It was great to meet you dear! Come back soon. All the best with work!


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  7. James Tylor says:

    Thanks for sharing information about NERC. I will definitely visit your website to know more about NERC.


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