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Posted: November 11, 2012 in RACE to HEALTHY
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When I was in Nigeria earlier this year, I went to visit my then preggers sister at work, and just for laughs, I weighed myself at her clinic; won’t tell you what the figure was. I will however tell you that my sister, who was eight months pregnant at the time (therefore having a living, breathing human being inside her) weighed at least 3kg LESS than I did! I was shocked, a little upset, all those emotions. Did I do anything about it? For a few days yes, and then it was back to my old habits of eating late, eating the wrong stuff, scrimping on exercise, you know, I was on board a rocket for obesity! Ok, maybe I’m being a tad dramatic but hey….

Fast forward to October. I was speaking to ‘the one who calls me Pebbles’ the other day and he said something about being the same weight in the last six or sixteen years, I don’t remember exactly now. What I remember is that I’ve seemed to add 2kg (or more) every six months. Still mega fabulous o, still a size 12 (at least since 2010)  but the speed with which I’m inching towards 14? Wake up call!

I decided I was going to give it one more shot, and then if this doesn’t work I’ll give up and get cosmetic surgery *insert a mighty wide grin here* I decided that apart from doing a 360 on my diet and lifestyle, I would be accountable to….YOU! Yep, you, my darling reader! So, every Sunday from today the 11th of November, I’ll be publishing what I ate every day, if I got in any exercise or not, and possible personal recommendations to myself. Your job is to tell me if I did well or not, and give me personal tips that have worked for you (no drugs or teas or anything like that please) and we’ll just see how it goes!

I’ so pumped!

I’m looking to not do anything drastic (so it’s as sustainable as possible) and I’m counting on your support and feedback, especially as Christmas is so close by!!! Introducing my new category, ‘THE RACE TO HEALTHY’, let’s get started with my week from the 4th – 10th of November!

SUNDAY (4th)

Breakfast – Bananas

Lunch (5pm) – Beans, plantain and chicken

Dinner – Clementines, Strawberry tea and honey

MONDAY (5th)

Breakfast – Clementines

Lunch – Fruit and fibre. Exercise!!!

Dinner – Oat crusted salmon, baby potatoes and veg. Pineapples


Breakfast – fruit (did a 5.2 kilometer power walk today)

Lunch – Rice, pasta, egusi soup and catfish

Dinner – fruit, strawberry tea and honey


Breakfast – Fruit and fibre, clementines

Lunch – Chicken curry, naan bread, basmati rice

Dinner – Apples/pineapples


Breakfast – Fruit and fibre (did a 1.67km power walk)

Lunch – Indomie with a chopped hot dog and salmon

Dinner – Apples and pineapples

FRIDAY (9th)

Breakfast – Beans and plantains (Exercised: danced for 30 minutes)

Lunch – Rice and chicken

Dinner – Chicken and prawn biriyani, cherry tomatoes


Breakfast – Hot chocolate, ham and cheese Panini, almond croissant

*Warning: the almond croissant from Costa Coffee‘s CRAP if you’ve ever had one from Cafe Nero*

Lunch – 2 slices of cake and strawberry tea

Dinner – Rice and Ayamase (Green pepper, black bean and meat stew)

Malt, and then Ribena. I know…. Saturday wasn’t a very good day, I kinda did all the wrong things, especially since I had two random chicken fillets, broke my ‘all/only water week’ and I didn’t exercise at all! *sigh*

Next stop? Getting in a lot more activity into my day, and reducing my portions!

Thumbs up: I’ve almost completely exchanged sugar for honey

Thumbs down: Saturday’s meal list looks atrocious!

P:S – You’re welcome to join me if you want, share what your day-to-day menu is becoming, let’s hear it!


  1. wartica says:

    If you follow those kinds of healthy meal plans, you will definitely get to where you want to be, in both mind and body:))


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  3. belloibrahim618 says:

    your blog is really awesome…i just followed it…please follow myn back too


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