2 Fabulous Saturdays in a row!

Posted: November 17, 2012 in PINCH OF HUMOR
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Ok, so the weather is getting worse but my Saturdays are getting better!!! Last week Saturday I was in London town with my girls and friends from Nigeria and we had an amazing time!! Look up the post ‘Green Deal: The Background Story’ for my attempt at capturing all the fun we had!

This week, my darling Momma is around, whoop!! It doesn’t get any better baby! I’m really pumped about that, and I’ve had a really brilliant week too so hey! I’m all about enjoying this weekend thoroughly and looking to the new week for all the goodness and greatness it’s got in store for me! Whoop!

How did yours go? Want to share? I’d love to ‘read all about it’, said that in Emeli Sande’s voice, lol! While you decide if you’re going to share or not, here are the five pictures for the week! Enjoy!

Lmao!!! Look at the horror on his face in the third picture!

Don’t just beware, be aware!

We’re waiting boo!

Kids are so cute!

When the statue of liberty is tired….. (finish the sentence)

That’s it ladies and gents!!! Off to spend time with my family! Thank you for always coming back here, I appreciate you! Hugs!

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