Posted: November 18, 2012 in DAY 2 DAY
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It’s Friday, and I”m writing this from the basement, the Tapestry Room of The Gore Hotel, venue of the funeral reception for Ms Remi Osholake. It’s on Queensgate Road and I have quite a few fond memories from this area, but not today.

It’s a decent crowd, and I can point to at least 12 people who would have come in from Lagos for the rites. More importantly, it’s the overflowing of love in the room; the near palpable emotions as her friends talk about her, regale us with stories of how Remi was there for them, celebrate her. I find myself holding back tears severally.

Of course everyone is dressed in black, well almost everyone. I sight someone in a wine red flowing skirt, another in a check suit, and it wouldn’t be a Nigerian event if our native fabrics didn’t make an appearance; there was someone in adire!

I listened, I listened some more, and then I started thinking; what legacy am I leaving behind? Whose life would I have so affected they’ll move heaven and earth to celebrate me when I’m gone? What will I be remembered for?

Sounds a little premature now (honestly it did to me) but sometimes death is the wake up call we need to get our lives going in the right direction, or if we’re already there, keep us on the right path. Truth is, regardless of how much we acquire, the name we make for ourselves, it is the little things we will be remembered for; the smiles we put on the faces of others, the encouragement and joy we bring, the peace, the love, the hope.

After all the speeches, it was time to dance, to celebrate Remi, and it started with one of her favorite songs (and ring tone) ‘fi mi le baby’ by Kas. Her friends danced, some of them wiping tears from their eyes as they did. Was my turn to cry when ‘Bumper to Bumper’ came on, it was the song we rocked to the first and only time I met her.

In honor of this special lady who loved black, and loved movie nights (one of her friends just said “Remi would always say a movie changed her life; every movie changed her life”), we’re observing a ‘black movie night’ tomorrow the 19th of November. Go see any movie of your choice, anywhere in the world that you are, just wear black, and get popcorn! Tweet your pictures @Pdbraide, @Funmilola, or @IjeomaOgud with a short message (if you will). Those pictures will be archived on the now live and is our little way of celebrating this lady with a beautiful spirit, and keeping her memory alive.

You’re also welcome to attend the reception that’ll be held in Lagos sometime in December; details are in the poster below.


Rest in Peace Remi.




P:S – While I wish it had been under different circumstances, it was lovely to meet @Funmilola and @Bisialimi. It really was.

  1. No,its not premature to think of the legacy we’ll leave behind when we leave this earth, it helps to set us on track and make us better focused.
    Ironically, my post tomorrow will be on this.
    Rip Remi Lagos.


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