Ok, quick update on how my race to healthy is going, how I’m puffing and panting as the days go by. Lol.. I started this ‘race’ on the 3rd of November, and the plan is to make a holistic change to the way I eat and my lifestyle as well; nothing drastic, just changes I’ll be able to live with. I also said I felt the need to be accountable and so I published all I ate in that first week. 

Another week’s here and so very quickly, let’s run through what I ate in the week running from the 11th (Sunday) to Saturday (17th). As always, I’ll thumbs up and down myself, and set a goal for the new week!

SUNDAY (11th)

Breakfast – Ham and Cheese panini. Mocha

Lunch – apple and pineapples

Dinner – apple and pineapples

MONDAY (12th)

Breakfast – Banana and two drumsticks

Lunch – Cereal

Dinner – Two drumsticks and banana

TUESDAY (13th)

Breakfast – Banana and tomatoes

Lunch – Rice and salmon (Exercise: Dance)

Dinner – Green and strawberry tea


Breakfast – Cereal

Lunch – Beans

Dinner – Bananas


Breakfast – Cereal

Lunch – Yam pottage

Dinner – Clementines

FRIDAY (16th)

Breakfast – Clementines

Lunch – Yam pottage and fish

Dinner – Rice and stew  with fish

* had a finger food portion of a cottage pie and less than half a flute of champagne in the evening at a function before I went home to my rice dinner*


Breakfast – Bananas

Lunch – Cereal

Dinner – Semovita and okro soup

Next stop? This week is the ‘skip 200’ week. Starting tomorrow (Sunday), I’ll try to skip at least 200 times every day. So help me God! Plus I need to find a jogging partner. Preferably a fine looking ‘someborry’, extra motivation *cough cough*

Thumbs Up: One week without fizzy drinks!!! Whoop!!

Thumbs Down: Didn’t get as much exercise as I hoped, didn’t even come close to the week before.

Can I have a burger sometime this week? I’d really really like one! Can’t believe I haven’t had one in close to a month!


  1. Rita Eghujovbo says:

    Well done o. I really envy you (wink). I seriously need to shed 10kg. I know my issue is bad eating habit. (tongue out). While monitoring your progress I will join you soon (hopeful – lol).


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