I love fish. Like I really love fish. And since these days I’m trying to eat healthy; I’m adding a lot of sea food to my diet. I’m really serious (this time).

So Precious and I were inside Waitrose one day, and I saw that there’s this corner where you can pick up recipes for simple dishes. Since I plan to prepare gourmet dishes for my #DearFutureHusband, I decided to pick one, and try. By the way, shout out to Waitrose for the bar with all sorts of olives; I absolutely love that!

Ok, so I picked up the recipe that was called ‘oat encrusted salmon‘. Now I’ve recently fallen head over heels with salmon and calamari (thank you Precious), and so I knew immediately this was my chance to learn to make it for myself! As an aside, I can’t stand mussels, oysters, or squid! Especially squid! For what na? Next you’ll be asking me to eat shark or whale!

*breathe FGS, breathe* Back to my story. One random day like that, I bought salmon and a lemon. The other ingredients for this dish I had at home, including thyme, random seasoning, and then quaker oats. That’s another reason it was an easy choice, your everyday ingredients work, you don’t need anything extra special!

Ok, so I skinned my fish myself first, note that salmon is very oily so be extremely careful when skinning so you don’t cut yourself. Alternatively, you can ask whoever you buy it from to skin it for you (after you’ve judged that they are in a good mood)!

In a small bowl I put the white of an egg (not a fan of the yolk plus cholesterol content is less without it), squeezed in a bit of lemon, a bit of maggi (like one-fifteenth of a cube), some pepper (I’m Nigerian after all), thyme, garlic powder, basil, and a sprinkling of salt. I whisked all of that very nicely and then mixed in my quaker oats. Note that you’re covering only one side of the fish so let that guide your quantities.

Spices I used: salt, thyme, basil, ground nutmeg, Maggi (just a wee bit), oregano, dry pepper, and an egg behind!

By this time I had heated my oven to 200C, and oiled my baking sheet; I forgot to buy baking sheets so I used a foil baking pan (reduced the things I’d have to wash too)!

I coated my salmon (note that preferably you should coat the side you skinned) with the oat mix, dropped it into my foil pan, and then used the oil from the pan to ‘caress’ the sides of the fish. Lol at caress….

I put it in the oven, brought it out after 25 minutes voila! Ready! And there’s no need to flip it!

You can have it cold with a salad but I planned to have mine with baked potatoes and parsnips so I washed both, and put them in my pan (same one I used for the fish so it had a bit of oil at the bottom). With the temperature set at 180 degrees, I let it bake for about 35 minutes.

Finally, I would have used gravy but I’ve had that a lot in the last two weeks and I am trying to replace most of my foods with veg so I searched the fridge for some leftover vegetable sauce, microwaved it, and voila!

Five baby potatoes, one average sized parsnip, my piece of salmon, and loads of veg; it was awesome!

There you go, the salmon story! Try it, feel free to play around with the seasoning for the salmon, and you’re welcome to substitute quaker oats for chunky bread crumbs or whatever else works for you. Thank me later, and let me know how you get on!

Next stop, reducing my portions……that plate just looked mounted abeg!

Sorry!!! I forgot to take a picture before I ate!!


  1. Thanks for the linky – but if you read my post – it was really about not eating fish 😀


  2. Gary Lum says:

    Thanks for the ping back 🙂


  3. ABQPaleo says:

    Thank you for the ping.. Although I have to recommend eating the delicious crispy salmon skin when you can bake it that way.. So good!


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