One Month To Christmas Eve!!!!

Posted: November 24, 2012 in PINCH OF HUMOR
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Wow!! It’s exactly one month to Christmas Eve! It’s been a brilliant year! I won’t do that post now where I recount the highlights of the year, but I am grateful for the Pinch of Humor category, and the testimonials of the joy it’s brought to people every Saturday! Some weeks have been funnier than others, some weeks haven’t been consistent, but I’m thankful for you, you, you, and you! For coming back every Saturday, laughing at the pictures, sending in your contributions, for simply being here!

Away from the mush, next week Saturday’s the first of December!! Whoop!! Grateful to God for life, love, family, and you! Particularly grateful for family, and is the reason I have a few family centered pictures today. I won’t keep you any longer, here are the five for this week! Hugs!

God bless our mothers!!

Oh puhlease! You guys like it that we’re complex!!

The definition of school fees being in vain!!

Awww, children are the cutest!

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