Posted: November 25, 2012 in His Word
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So I’ve been hearing of Hillsongs Church, especially the one that holds at the Dominion Theatre, just outside Tottenham Court Road underground station. As a matter of fact, @Tomi_Ola and I talked about it on Saturday night, details of the conversation I cannot reproduce (he he he). I mentioned it to  Momma, and she said, ‘let’s do it! Services are 11.15am, 1.15pm, 3pm, and then 6pm.

I bought the tickets online (just in case, South Eastern has some fabulous prices you can only get online – thank me later), and then we went to bed. Early this morning I got up, did my chores, and then we got ready. Train was for 9.48am, we were at the station for 9.30am, only to hear a PSA that the train had been delayed, and just as the staff was telling me it wouldn’t be delayed for too long, we heard it had been cancelled.

Next train came at 10.18am, we hopped on, and of course, because we needed to get there real quick, the train was crawling. Yep, the work of our enemies, lol. We got to Charring Cross, changed trains, and eventually got to Dominion Theatre at 11.30am only to be told, “the theatre is too full and for health and safety reasons we cannot let more people in. Would you please wait and attend the 1.15pm service?” What? We made this really long trip just to wait two hours to join another service?

Most annoying was the fact that people were coming out from the theatre to take people inside. The same place they said was packed to capacity? Nepotism in the house of God? SMH. I found one of the workers, a lovely called Jonathan (God bless you), and explained that Momma had really looked forward to this service and I was happy to find a place to chill outside (I was eyeing the Burger King or the Dorothy Perkins) if they’d just get her a seat inside.

He left, came back in a few minutes, took us in through a service entrance, and led us to the auditorium. Not only did we get front row seats, there were unoccupied seats around us! Why keep all those people outside in the cold then?

I quickly forgot all of that, we got enraptured by the worship team almost immediately. It was the joy on their faces, the spring in their dance, the excitement on their faces, and of course the absolutely f-l-a-w-l-e-s-s production!

Kai!! I can imagine praise in heaven sha.. Or maybe I can’t imagine… what would better than this be, what would it sound like? Oh Lord!

Then the Minister got on stage, don’t even know his name, but he spoke to my heart. And he was so real, without the pretentious words or parables you hear in church these days. It was real, it was 2012, and I had a wonderful time. A few bullet points for y’all

*Human beings have a tendency to ‘humanize’ God; fit Him into our human lives rather than adapt ourselves to His instructions

**Our weakness is an open door for us to see God work in our lives, for us to even get closer to Him rather than something that separated us from Him. Don’t ever be deceived that God doesn’t want to help us in our time of weakness, we just need to reach out and accept HIS help. It’s always available!

***God is bigger than we can ever imagine. It’s ok not to be able to grasp the expanse of His Majesty, He created the world and everything in it; He is big!

Scriptures included John 14:16-17, 1 Corinthians 6:19, John 4:13, Isaiah 55:8-9….bring out your Bible!

Service was over at 12.42pm, and it was like people weren’t going to leave, Momma and I included!!! Was the delay, the long trip, the wait in the cold, the inconvenience worth it? YES! I totally loved it! And I’ll be back next week!


  1. Tomexy says:

    Yikes! Hillsong happened after all (pre-my-arrival), and I didn’t get any feedback re-saturday-night-discussion. FGS you are in trouble o, lol.


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  3. […] HILLSONGS! Whoop! (fairygodsister.wordpress.com) […]


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