DeCeMbEr’S hErE!!

Posted: December 1, 2012 in PINCH OF HUMOR
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Thank you Jesus!!!

I remember writing on the first of January, and it’s the first of December today, and I’m still here!! Not only am I still here, but my life has become bigger and better! Am I grateful to God or what? Whoop!!!

Don’t worry, this isn’t my thank you post, it’s a Saturday so it’s the Pinch of Humor post!! I must say that while we start celebrating, we try to remember those who cannot celebrate this year; those who for one reason or the other will not know it’s Christmas (and it’s only 24 days away). How do we tell them it’s Christmas?

Very quickly, we’re off to our five pictures for the day!! Shout out to Kalat and Iyke for the pictures they sent, they’ll be up sooner than you know!!

Ok, so I decided to do one more!!! It’s December anyway, indulgence and everything so why can’t I do one more? Whoop!!

That’s all folks!! Welcome to my favorite month of the year! Have a truly fulfilling month, filled with all the celebrations your heart desires!

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