HOW TO MAKE MOIMOI (wrapped in leaves)

Posted: December 6, 2012 in DAY 2 DAY, FUN!!!
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I love beans! Ok, maybe I should have started from, ‘I love food’ but I’m sure you knew that already.

Growing up there was a period when my siblings and I were sick and the doctor told Momma to increase our protein intake. Beans was Momma’s protein of choice and my dear, it wasn’t a joke at all! We had beans and rice, beans and bread, beans and corn, beans and yam, beans and plantain, beans and pap (or garri, even though Momma’s never really been a fan of drinking garri), akara (bean cakes), moimoi (beans pudding, lol); I’m surprised we never had beans and icecream or beans and okro soup!

God bless Momma, she’s a superwoman!

You would think I would grow up hating beans but it is one of my best meals to date! Matter of fact I remember that the only altercation I had in Secondary School (which of course I am not proud of) was over a meal of beans and yam. Long story but she ate my food, and to make matters worse, dissed my family. Chronicle for another day!

By now you should know I cook, and very well too. I’ve made moi moi severally, just never packed it in leaves. Normally I’d use those little tins, plastic bowls, and I’ve even used foil a couple times!

My aunty was around for a bit last month and the day she said she was going to make moi moi, I went ‘whoop’! Then she said she’d wrap it in leaves and I went…… (buy yourself a drink if you said ‘whoop whoop!’) The leaves always give the moimoi a distinct, sweet flavor that cannot be replicated by using ordinary spices; you can always tell if it’s been cooked with leaves.

I watched her (more like I timed her and came into the kitchen just as she was about to start wrapping the mix in the leaves, lol) so I’m going to run you through the ingredients you need and steps to follow, then you can watch and learn firsthand from the video I made. Thank me later? Ok!

1. Pick your beans (white or brown), ridding it of stones, stalk, weevils, and anything else that isn’t beans really.

2. Soak in warm water for about 10 – 20 minutes

3. Wash the beans. The aim here is to remove the skin; the friction from rubbing it in your palms should do that. You might have to sieve and change your water once or twice as you go

4. Blend till you have a smooth, bit-free paste, with a commensurate amount of onions and pepper. Some people add tomatoes and/or garlic, your choice.

Ok, that's what the paste looks like (this one has tomatoes in it)

Ok, that’s what the paste looks like (this one has tomatoes in it)

5. Pour out in a bowl, and add ground crayfish, maggi, salt, and choose between groundnut oil and palm oil.

From left to right, pepper, onion, corned beef, maggi, and the jar of beans!

From left to right, pepper, salt, onion, corned beef, maggi, and the jar of beans!

6. Optional, but you can decide to add corned beef, boiled eggs (whole or cut up), pre-cooked chicken or beef to the mix too.

7. Taste it. It should give you an idea of what the cooked product will taste like. Add more seasoning, but only if you need to.

8. Watch the video below!

The finished product! Whoop!

The finished product! Whoop!

That’s it folks! One more dish to wow your family and friends with this season! Let me know how it goes!

  1. aixmasters says:

    How do you wrap liquid in leaves that can’t be sealed (at least as far as I can see), and not have it spill? I can’t imagine using anything other than polythene bags without creating a mess.


  2. famuyideolawale says:

    My future wife must read this, moimoi is my best food. Once she can cook this well, every other thing can be looked over. Lol.


  3. Hahaha….Hilarity!…you fought over food?..altercation na cover up jor…lol FGS!!! *claps hands and shakes head*…
    …lol@beans and okro or ice cream…..Your mom’s combo were five star mehn!…I looove!
    I love beans too …..

    Nice cooking lessons….Thumbs up!…you’ll make a great chef amongst other things..hehehe


    • Oh I am a great chef!!! (If I must say so myself)… I love cooking, it is one of the things I do when I’m stressed.

      About fighting over food, well… (covers face), these things happen. The chic and I are good friends now o, saw her in Abuja the last time I was in sef…


  4. misscanary says:

    Unrelated to the date stamp on the video, the quantity of moimoi featured, or the fact that lack of electricity inhibiting storage ceases to be an excuse, I think I need to visit you, only because its been too long.


    • Ha ha ha!!! Come on then! My doors are open!! And even though I have tried (and failed) to get this moimoi in leaves, I’ve found a couple of places where we can buy some!
      And you can bring me a pressie since it’s been a while (straight face)


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