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My holiday this year has quite a few trips embedded in it because I determined to get as much work (and play) into the short bit of time I have here. One of those trips was to Lagos, and that’s the first bit of this tale.


Flight was for 12.45pm on a certain day; I’d worn heels to the airport (something I haven’t done in more than a year) and they were biting into my heels; I’d end up with blisters and a resolve not to try that again at the end of the day. I also forgot my business cards ar home so I wasn’t exactly a happy bunny; especially when, for all my rushing, by 1pm we still hadn’t been called to board!

1.30pm there was an announcement that our flight had been delayed for 50 minutes. Whether 50 minutes from the original time or from 1.30pm, we eventually took off about 3.20pm. *Sigh*

Some dude said hello to me while I checked in what could easily have been hand luggage (didn’t want to have to speak English to anyone over the liquids in them), and so when I went up to the departure lounge and there was a seat around him, I sat there. By the way, shout out to the baggage handlers for ripping out the handle of my box!

We got chatting, about work, school, my nephew, you know, regular stuff. Found out he’s Cross Riverian and I mentioned I would be catching a bit of Calabar Carnival this year. He asked where I would be staying (of course I didn’t say) and then he asked if he could stay with me, keep me company (of course I said no). He went on about that for a bit, and then said, ‘let me tell you the truth; I’m married’. I smiled, said ‘ok’, and then asked if he had any kids. Yes, he had one, about eight months older than my Boo Boo. Somehow I steered the conversation towards children and we chatted about that; you know, doused the awkwardness a bit.

We popped into the Biobak (there’s one in the lounge) for a bite (with their cold fish, SMH) and then he asked for my BB Pin. Quick mental check in my head showed there wasn’t any potential business, no potential gist after that day so I smiled and said no. To my surprise, the young man started lamenting o, that this was his problem with being married, people (especially ladies) started treating him like a leper, keeping him at arms length, etc. Didn’t know when I started laughing; this tirade just because I didn’t give you my pin?

We were called to board, and fortunately the flight was full so he couldn’t switch and sit beside me as he planned and when we got off in Lagos, I thanked him for his company during the wait, and left. Na wa!

By the way, there was this mother with three really cute children on the flight. The oldest couldn’t be more than eight (8), and all three talked nonstop from Abuja to Lagos (very loudly of course). It would have been very annoying had it not been absolutely hilarious! I’ll attempt to reconstruct one of the many conversations the children had…

Girl: Mommy please I’m hungry

Mom: no you’re not hungry, you’ve just had lunch. You just want to eat this meat-pie and I’ve said you can’t have it till we get to Lagos

Girl (stays quiet for all of two minutes): Mommy my tummy is paining me.

Mommy: no, your tummy isn’t hurting. You’ll get the meat-pie once we get to Lagos. What will you eat when your brothers are eating theirs if you eat yours now?

Girl: my tummy won’t be paining me then, the way it is paining me now. (proceeds to make some ‘in pain’ noises)

God bless our mothers for their patience walai….. Reminds me of a younger me, and my shenanigans when I wanted to eat something and Momma said no. At school we’d been taught about enzymes and how they digest food in the body and I remember being so fascinated I told my Dad about it. So, once Momma said no I’d run to my Dad and in my best, guilt-inducing voice say, ‘my stomach is empty Daddy, my enzymes are eating me! Of course he’d find my Mom or my big sister and start saying, ‘you people should feed my child o, see she’s disappearing before my eyes because her enzymes are eating her’! Bless him!


Flight was on time (shout out to Aero)! Tooth hurt like crazy the entire flight though; it’s amazing how my entire life I’ve never needed a dentist but I’ve seen one in the last two weeks and all of a sudden my teeth are falling apart! It’s even more amazing that I went from the airport to the Dentist’s and now there’s talk about taking out four of my teeth. And ruin my holiday? *Mega Sigh*

Thank you Lord for journey mercies,  you are a good God!

  1. Omobolaji Seni-Hughes says:

    Married men and their wahala!
    I like the way you handled him o jare.


  2. Berry says:

    Taking out four teeth??? Oh My!!! Pele!
    Saw the tweets earlier about the children & their mum. Couldn’t stop laughing.

    All the best.


    • Thank you Berry, and many thanks for the Christmas mail you sent!

      God being merciful the medication I was given sorted me out so I’m good; hopefully I’ll end up not having to take out anything!



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