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When God created Adam and Eve, one of the things He told them was to replenish the earth (that’s the only portion of the Bible people who have seven or more children read in my opinion). Seriously though, He told them to have dominion over every thing that walked, swam, crawled, or flew. We all know the bit about Adam falling, and Jesus dying on the cross to save man from his sins, reunite us with the Father (God), and guarantee us a place in heaven. Following me up to this point?

Jesus death on the cross also restored our dominion to us, restored the ability we had (and Adam lost) to take charge of his surroundings, situations around him, etc. That’s why children of God can speak to issues around them and they obey.

Same thing happens today. When we make mistakes, when we fall, God sits and waits for us to come back to Him. He sits and waits patiently for us to bring our battered, bruised selves back, and He receives us each time. He sanctifies us, forgives us, and then releases grace for us not to fall into the same mistakes again. Do you know the marvelous bit? Even if we fall the very next day, He’ll do the same thing for us all over again, picking up our pieces. Why? Because He is God, greater than the greatest, the most terrible and yet the most merciful. What else can He do but love us, feed us, and never leave us?

We are warned however, not to abuse that right so we don’t lose it. A little story here: so I have a seven year old nephew, and I adore him. When he was younger, say about five, he loved to come into my room without knocking on the door. He’d do it every time. And each time he barged into the room, if he noticed the frown on my face (cos sometimes I’d be frowning and the little one wouldn’t even notice), he’d apologize, go outside and knock before coming in again. Guess what? Give him 15 minutes, and if he had to come to me for anything, this scene would repeat itself.

forgiveness 3

One particular day I was on the phone and the little prince bounced into the room. I gave him ‘the look’ so he smiled, left, and knocked before coming in. I hugged him and then asked him to go bring his homework. Of course he forgot to knock. He apologized, and we started on work. When he went to get his eraser, he forgot, and tumbled in again. By the time he forgot the 300th time I told him not to bother apologizing.

When I started writing this post I remembered that day and how at some point I snapped. What if God snapped and literally told us to stop with the apologies and cries for forgiveness? What would you do? Are you thanking God that he’s not us?

Do you think of that when someone offends you and you think you’ll never forgive? Or you’ll forgive but you’ll never forget? I doubt we’re thinking of God and how He forgives us when we’re seething with anger, sobbing in disappointment or shaking our heads in pain. At that point all we’re thinking about is how to exact immediate revenge, or plan towards it (since it is a dish best served cold)….


Unforgiveness is like picking at a sore you have every morning; it won’t heal, and you won’t feel better. When you bump into the person your heart starts doing cartwheels because you have ‘ought’ in your heart for them. So unhealthy!


Let’s take a minute, and tell ourselves, ” I forgive….. (put in their names) who offended me. I realize that harboring unforgiveness in my heart is harmful to my health (physically and mentally), and I value my well-being more than this altercation. Whether or not I will give them another chance will be purely based on if I think they will hurt me again and not because I am upset with them. I love my life, and I will be happy. So help me God.

Did we mean what we just said? Are we confident that we’ve forgiven them? Well done!!


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