Looked through my journal today, and I’m going to over the next two days, work hard to ensure that I don’t carry over any posts into 2013. Especially from the little trips I made this year because God willing, I have quuuuuiiiite a few places to go in the new year! Whoop! Now though, let’s try to recreate  the memories from this trip for you….

End of July I spent a weekend in Ghana, my first time there. Flew from Lagos and the only thing I remember on the flight from Abuja to Lagos was the terror I felt from the time we took off till we touched down. It was barely two months from the time of the Dana crash, and the trauma was still raw in my mind; I was literally hyperventilating all the way. God rest their souls.

Spent the night at Protea Hotel in Maryland, the one on ‘Jesu Oyingbo (name cracks me up every time), and I totally loved the stone finishing in the bathroom, loved it, loved it, loved it!

Was good to see my girl Wumi again, a wonderful friend and sister God has blessed me with. Dinner was fab, and we faffed around afterwards, took a few pictures.



We were on the 7.45am Aero Contractors flight to Accra; I don’t remember if it was late (but I can bet it was). I do remember using the wi-fi there though, and the official with the walkie-talkie who kept re-affirming his importance by prancing about and literally shouting into the thing, punctuating his gibberish with ‘over’. Lol.

One hour plus after, we touched down at Kotoka International Airport, Accra. First thing I noticed was this remarkable picture.  I really liked this, looks like a stern warning to behave while you’re here. The no nonsense stance? Very good.


Now, I mentioned this was to be my first trip to Ghana and I was determined to interact with the social media scene there, make new friends, that kind of thing. I asked Google for bloggers in Ghana, @MacJordaN was number one and so I got in touch and asked to meet up. I rang when I’d settled in and he came! We shared a drink, and it was interesting for me to graze the politics in Ghana, hear about some of the work MacJordaN Degadjor has done, and the amazing people he’s met! Not only is he brilliant, very involved with social media and politics (big brother in the industry kind of thing), there’s an underlying humility about him that is very impressive!! You’re a big part of my 2012, I’m happy I met you @MacJordaN! Why didn’t we take a picture? *sigh*

The next day I took a long drive around; told myself I would experience Matola market for myself, but traffic (and that whole standstill business grates) made me go back to the hotel quickly!

Went to Woodin though! Bought quite a few fabrics that I really really love! Went to Accra Mall too. It wasn’t all that I’d heard it would be abeg, except it’s just naturally dead quiet on Sundays.

Met up with @MacJordaN again in the evening, and we headed for Ovation Restaurant where @DeleMomodu had arranged for us to have dinner ‘on the house’; thank you Sir!  Was also my privilege to meet with the delectable @vickieremoe, a TV, radio and web producer, the editor of SwitSalone, where they broadcast stories about Sierra Leone to the world!. Vicky’s Sierra Leonian, a blogger as well, and runs. She believes, ‘my Africa is not your Africa’ and is working on a project that will give a vivid, almost palpable experience of (her) Africa, traversing the length and breadth of it by road! It was great to meet her too, shout out to you Vicky!

By the way, I had Banku and egusi soup with goat meat; yum!


Banku!!! I don’t even remember what it’s made of but I loved it!!

Monday came too soon (sob), and it was off to the airport for the flight to Abuja. Saw this guy at the airport though, not only did I take pictures, I made a video!

Thank you Ghana for a working/relaxing weekend, promise to be back soon!

P:S – more pictures…..Random…





Protea……My girl munching away!! What did we even have that night sef?


They gave us water to drink soon as we checked in…. Nice touch….


Words of wisdom….. please read before you start to cook your liver….


I’m sorry but I wasn’t very impressed abeg…..


Oh this guy was just brilliant! And it was the way he was working in sync with his music…

  1. jenny says:

    Chioma, i like the way you capture your memories, word choice is also great and the simplicity…big ups sis! You promised me sometime ago †̥ help out with a few tweaking on my blog and i ‘m still waiting…#sadface# see it again at http://www.logosandaudibles.blogspot.com #dancingnow# Thanks


  2. Wow! Cool stuff. Reading this post made me feel like I was with you all through. I need to visit this blog from time to time. I should follow you on twitter as well. Cheers.


  3. Happy to read your post on Ghana. 🙂 Thanks for the link. 🙂


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