Ok, so it’s 5.42am and just as I tweet that my darling nephew (Boo Boo) is a miracle baby for sleeping throughout the night, he wakes up! Talk about a tweet too early! Rather than whine about my ‘me time’ gone, I’ve decided to do a ‘thank you for 2012’ post. Cliche as it may sound, there are quite a few people I need to thank for the different things they’ve been to me this year, and Boo Boo’s one of them!

To God, for life, love, hope. For the gift of every new day He’s given, for safe travels (and I moved around quite a bit this year), for health; I might have fallen ill a couple times but the things I recovered from killed some people. I’m also grateful for a sound mind; don’t really see how much more righteous I am than the people who are out of theirs. Most importantly I’m grateful to Him for mercies that I see every day. This year’s been a little rough and I’ve derailed majorly but He’s been (and still is merciful).

To my family, you guys are the surest, baddest bosses ever! Kai!! Wouldn’t trade you guys for anything in the world! To Momma, Daddy, Kizaro, Inne, Qintaro, and the latest addition to the family, my darling Boo Boo!!! God bless you guys! I love you to the moon and back! 2013 is ours!!

To The One who calls me Pebbles, what do I say? Where do I start? How do I begin to talk about you, would anyone even grasp the depths of what I feel, of what you are to me? For the songs, the stories, the beautiful dances, the encouragement, for everything; thank you.. You’re the wind beneath my wings!

To my girl for life Wumi, you’re many shades of awesome! You understand me, you’ve accepted me (and my moods, lol), you’re there for me in ways I cannot begin to explain, I just love you girl!! Christmas with you was awesome, 2013 is the year!!

To my bestie Miss Mangut, you’re a great lady, a wonderful resource, and someone for whom the sky is but the starting point! Loads of love!

To the Chief Sista and Mr Mobility, thank you for being an ever present source of wisdom, a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on (and soak with tears sometimes). Thank you for always being there, God bless you, and satisfy the desires of your heart speedily! I love you! To Aninoritse, thank you for being my friend; you’re never more than a phone call or ‘you’ve abandoned me’ BBM away. Love you muchos!

To the ‘elders’: I read through your eyes, climbed on your shoulders, walked through doors you opened, turned at your reproof, gained new knowledge, forged new friendships and partnerships through you, got the opportunity to prove myself, thank you! Thank you to my Principal, Dr Sam Amadi, Mr Eyo Ekpo, Jackie Farris, Yemi Adamolekun, Dr Ebirima Ceesay, FML, Mac-Jordan DegadjorBankole Oluwafemi, Alkasim Abdulkadir; here’s to a brilliant 2012, let’s do it (and even bigger) next year! I must specially thank Bankole, Alkasim, and Mercy Abang for being such wonderful business partners! And congratulations on your wedding Mercy! She rocks!

To my @i_blend family, for two years (I know, can’t believe we’ve had this group for this long) you’ve been home away from home for me. You (@AndyMadaki@El_Jefe@Nubian_Semm, @Lucy@EddieMadaki@Attaswitch@Tess_lati@Mamfizzle, @MissMimilove@Oche_E@Ene_vanhelsing, @Desiree, @Mimi, @Matilda, @Ayeesha, @Dosh, and @Gang) have been sources of joy, a rounded sounding board, activity.com, and best of all, great friends! 2013 is ours! I love you guys!

To everyone who’s read my blog, left a comment, tweeted a link, liked a post, or even followed the blog, thank you!! It is for you I write, God forbid that I take you for granted. To Iyke, Pearl, Chief Sista, Jaz, and Rita for being the top five commenters on the blog this year, thank you so much! 2013 will be bigger, better, more interactive, richer, and I promise there’ll be shorter breaks in between posts!

To Hillsongs Church, I’m grateful I found you, however late in the year. I promise to get more involved soon as I get back!

To Zemanta, WordPress, Nitropdf, and Google, your constant innovations have been a delight; they’ve also made for a richer online experience. Thank you! @Nitropdf, I’m earnestly waiting on the MAC version like you promised!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Here’s to an extra-productive 2013!

The Fairy GodSister.

  1. Pebbbbbbblllllleeeeeessssss! 😀


  2. Iyke O (@iykfortune) says:

    Yipee!….a smooth sail into another wonderful one,2013!…it can only get better Chico!……Big ups! & keep doing it right and discovering new frontiers!….your work in so many shades has been Super-amazing!…#Saving Oke underscored a heart of gold. Keep enjoying your passion!….😀


  3. El-Jefe says:

    I’m such a little bitch, I’m actually getting moist in the eyes. Thank you CC, for being a friend even when I try to push you away. (As is my way) For being a beacon for me. For being an inspiration to do better…to be better. For reminding me that I’m better than the things I often want to do. For being a voice of reason in the chaos that is my life. God bless you. I value you. I appreciate you. I thank God for you. May God’s guidance, abundant blessings and goodness be all that lies before you all your days. I’ll shut up now before I get too mushy and Andy calls me a Hindu name. Lol. @ElJefe__


    • Dosh says:

      Aaawwwww… Que! So sweet. So, so sweet. At this point I won’t be surprised to hear that you have a secret flower garden that you tend yourself :p

      You guys are such blessings to have and be around and I’m grateful to God that He gave me you


    • Que my darling….

      God bless you. And keep you. And settle you into that place you dream of. Sha just remember me in your paradise o!!!



  4. fe says:

    I’m all smiles. Indeed we iblend have transcended from just being friends n I’m sure each 1 of us is excited n grateful weneva we tink about it. Thanks CC. For all d insanity on d group that birth laughter n just for becoming family. Pulling 1 up n letting another pull u up as well. Remembering our day in London..You r a deep n sweet lady. *kisses*


    • Kisses right back at you Fe, you’re a fine young woman and I’m so proud of you!! Especially with that math course you’re studying…..

      Iblend has become family o, they kept me sane and were the closest to Nigeria for me during my time in Birmingham.God bless us!


  5. rita eghujovbo says:

    thank u, thank u and thank u once again. You re welcome dear.
    Thanks for a blog worth reading. Have a blissful 2013.


  6. rita eghujovbo (@queenrita983) says:

    What!!!!!! Chioma, who gave me that face? i gats to upload my pix now. lol


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