This is me – the Fairy GodSister; I’m a cry baby. I cry when I watch movies, most recently on the plane from Cairo to London, watching Spiderman. You know the bit when Jack’s (the little boy Spiderman saved from the dangling car) father called his fellow construction workers and they positioned their cranes in ways that helped Spiderman get to the Oscorp Tower? That was gratitude, a man repaying the kindness another had shown him, and it made me cry. Plus, it was good to again confirm that, ‘actor no dey die for feem’.

I cry when I miss people. On the plane from Abuja to Cairo I was crying, blinking furiously, and then smiling because I couldn’t blink back the tears. It was heart wrenching to leave, and I thoroughly miss my sister, her husband, my parents, and most of all, my darling nephew I had the singular privilege of babysitting the last eight days before I left. I miss them terribly.

I cry when I’m angry, you know that ‘so-angry-you-can’t-speak’ feeling? Yup, I look for a quiet, solitary place, I cry; then I come back refreshed, and heaven help the person who put me in that state. When I was younger I believed I had magical powers (lol), especially after watching X-Men. I felt I was Wolverine and would/could sprout claws if sufficiently provoked. So far it hasn’t happened (shame) but I remember getting so angry once at Uni that I banged my hands on a table. Had red streaks on a few fingernails; I’d told my sister of my Wolverine fantasies and she was so terrified when I showed her the marks it still makes me smile today.

I cry when I hear some testimonies (even though I tease my Momma when she does that); when I see the greatness of God manifested in a person’s life. I know God is awesome, greater than anything we know or can imagine; we humans are just piss poor representatives of Him. We (and I am speaking to Christianity, the religion I know) are the reason people think He is a joke, because we perpetuate such wickedness and injustice and then run under the cloak of Christianity. It is well (like Hell it’s not)!

I cry when I’m heartbroken, I guess that’s all of us isn’t it? Most recently was the middle of December when it looked like Christmas wouldn’t be what we’d planned it to be. Now I haven’t wailed like that in a while, and hopefully that’ll not happen again, or too often. Amen.

I cry when I’m happy, like ecstatic and I cannot express it any other way! Most recently was the day my darling nephew was born, that story is here.

I cry when I listen to worship/music. So it could be at church and the presence of God is so great in the room it reduces me to tears. or it could be listening to Tonex‘s ‘God has not forgot’, Todd Dulaney’s ‘Pulling me through’, Donnie McClurkin‘s ‘He’s calling you’, Asa’s ‘Bamidele’, ‘e ye adaba’ (you get my drift), or anything by Michael Franks (loads of memories there). So you see, music makes me cry too.

I remember crying the first time I saw white hair on my mother’s head. I hugged, kissed her, and then told her I didn’t want her to grow old. Think/say what you will but I still don’t want her to grow old (that’s both my parents), it is one of the scariest thoughts ever.

So it looks like this is a ‘cry’ post, and you’re right. I’m fiery, fast, (can be) furious, fair, friendly, forgiving (worked very hard on this), fun, favoured, (insert positive adjectives as you please), plus I’m the Fairy GodSister. And I cry.

  1. Eziaha says:

    I can totally relate…
    Akeela n d bee remains my unbeatable cry record…


    • Babes!! You know the both of us are soul sisters right? The day I was crying from watching Akeelah and The Bee, you’d think my entire family had perished in front of me!! My mom came in and was worried, couldn’t wrap her head round the fact that I was sobbing almost uncontrollably because of a movie! And she cries more than I do o!!



      • Odunayo says:

        Nice post chi..I remember how inspirational the akeelah movie was but what exactly made you cry tho?do tell, thanks 🙂


      • I cried a lot at the end… The final spelling bee, when that her tutor told her about the child he lost, when the community pitched in to help her learn the words, and then the final word she was asked to spell, which I know she had learned earlier.

        To be honest I’m a big cry baby when it comes to movies o, it tires me sometimes!!!


      • Ade says:

        Oh now I see what you mean…indeed those were truly cry worthy moments…the movie remains one of d classics for me…I am enjoying this ur blog well well oo..u should be expecting more of me here..running to read previous entries.:)


      • About the movie, my mom was scared something had happened to me! I think TV just really brings out my softer side… The littlest things reduce me to mush each time!

        Go on, take your fill of the blog! God willing I’ll write a lot more in the new year… Thank you so much for the compliments!


  2. Usman says:

    Fairy Godsister, I cried when you left for London .



  3. sam omofuma says:

    Brilliant !!! so sad ill be out of the UK tomorrow hanging out with the fairygodsister would have been an exellent idea…I cry when i miss such opppurtunities lol. If i ever said “You are the best” i just said it again.


    • Awwwww!!! Would have been awesome to see you Sam, haven’t seen you in like forever! Don’t worry, I’m sure many more opportunities will come. When next you’re in London tell me early o!!!

      And thank you…


  4. Rita Eghujovbo says:

    Yap. I cry and cry for most of the reasons you ve listed. Remember the tears rolling when i watched titanic the 1st n 2nd time. (thats before i saw the making). lol
    How touching that u don’t want your mum to get old. I wish my mum was here long enough for me to see grey on her hair…she left in a hurry, I was only 5. and now, am crying.

    Nice Chioma


    • Awww, Rita! I’m so sorry about your mom! Funnily I’ve not finished watching Titanic (and I started watching it in 2005)!

      I’m sorry I made you cry, and I love you Rita!! Thank you for always coming on here, and for always being that voice of encouragement, you’re a star!



  5. WOW! I, too, loved that part where the boy’s father and his colleagues helped Spiderman to show their gratitude. 🙂

    And I haven’t listened to or heard God Has Not Forgot in a very long time. Too long, in fact. Thank you for reminding me. AH! I LOVE He’s Calling You!

    I remember the title of a message my pastor once preached – It Is Okay To Cry.



    • Pearl,

      it is ok to cry o… I just don’t like to, always feel like I’m showing weakness and all, tells you how difficult this was to write. Not really difficult, I just had to tell myself I wanted to put this out and not feel awkward about it.

      He’s Calling You is one of my all time favorite cry songs; does the magic each time!!


  6. Olayinka Ona-Edo says:

    This almost made me cry..and the comments too. I cry for all the reasons you’ve talked about, though I have mastered how to control myself with time. Really nice Chioma. (Now I have tears in my eyes *smiles*)


    • Why is everyone crying from reading this o!!! Hello Ona-Edo, thanks for dropping by! I’m learning to control myself, think it’s only people who are really close to me who have seen the ‘floodgates open’, lol..


      P:S – what does your name mean? I like it!


  7. Gomez says:

    This is me, i cried the moment I saw the link! Haba, I’m just an emotional wreck*sob sob*
    As always, a nice read……FairyGodsister unforgiving? Wonder what u expect from we earthlings.


    • You too? You cried? Ehn Gomez? What do you expect from us ‘not-so-cute-not-so-athletic fairies’? *wink*

      About being unforgiving, sigh. I’m not really unforgiving o, it’s just extra hard to forget. Is that any better?

      Thank you for leaving a commment Gomez,



  8. I like this post cos i cry quite often as well even though i know i have 1 of those bravado faces. Hope you’re enjoying London


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