Here’s a short story for ya:

Woke up yesterday morning and knew that if I didn’t go to the Town Center (read as market/bank), it would put unnecessary pressure on me this new week. We’d been snowed in the day before so I couldn’t go anywhere and there’d been warnings/notifications of disruptions to transport services; didn’t want to try myself and then get stuck somewhere.

On this day though, I NEEDED to get to town. I know I’m susceptible to colds and all so I had a very hot bath, and then proceeded to wrap myself up thoroughly; 0 degrees isn’t a joke! Was an improvement on the -1 degrees of the day before though so I was grateful.

For some reason, I decided to take pictures of the ‘layering’ process, and I’ve reproduced them below! Enjoy!

Ok, let's start with a thick red cardigan thrown on top of a long sleeved tshirt....

Ok, let’s start with a thick red cardigan thrown on top of a long-sleeved t-shirt….

That’s hardly sufficient! On to layer 2!

Head warmer.....

Head warmer….. See my fine face!

On to the proper layer 2; the picture above was just to protect my hair…

Don't ever leave the house when it's snowing without your snood!

Don’t ever leave the house when it’s snowing without your snood!

And on the final layer….

My jacket!! Ta da!! We're ready to go!!

My jacket!! Ta da!! We’re ready to go!!

*dancing* This snow can’t hold me back! This snow can’t hold me back!!

I went out, did all I had to do, and got back home safely. Funnily, I still had a runny nose for most of the evening, with all my layering… *sigh*


  1. Berry says:

    Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! You, red lipstick???? Wow! I’m loving it on you. You should apply it regularly. You look good, fGS!


  2. joy says:

    Where do you live to get yourself snowed in? Is greenhithe medway or somewhere else? The blizzards “—” ruined the look, and up here, north of Watford gap, it turned to sleet too quickly.


  3. Eziaha says:

    You coulda dropped by the moon in that and you woulda been just fine…
    Can’t stop laughing…
    Can’t hold u down indeed


  4. madinghana says:

    thanks for mentioning madinghana.wordpress as a related must go exploring yours…my all the followers!


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