A laugh for the first of the third……..

Posted: March 2, 2013 in PINCH OF HUMOR
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First Saturday in the third month of the year!!

We’re going straight into the pictures for the day, enjoy!! And share with a friend!

Picture of the day for me!

Picture of the day for me!





Lmao!!!! Life isn't this serious!

Lmao!!!! Life isn’t this serious!

I normally don't do religion but I couldn't pass up on this one!

I normally don’t do religion but I couldn’t pass up on this one!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a fabulous week ahead!

  1. Lol. Chioma what happened to your diet series o?


  2. Linda Ogechi says:

    Looool @ the pictures. I sure had a good laugh.
    Yayy! I’m glad we found each others pages (atilogu dance :D). You seem travel a lot and I intend to live vicariously through you. Yes! By God, I’ll help you master your budget. Let’s stay connceted 🙂


    • Hello Linda!!!

      Nice of you to stop by, and I’m glad you liked the pictures… About the trips, yes o!!! I’m looking to hit two continents this year, so help me God so you’re welcome to come along (via this page)!

      I went to your site, and beyond welcoming you to ‘blogosphere’, I think I’d like to chat about managing investments…


  3. kayda1 says:



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