Thank You’s – you knew I would do this didn’t you?

Posted: April 8, 2013 in DAY 2 DAY, His Word, TRAVELOGUE
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On the 7th of March, I boarded a BA 083 to Nigeria, Abuja to be precise. The trip was the culmination of about five months of work on a series my father wrote. The ‘God Wants You’ series explores God’s plans for different aspects of our lives and guides on how we can live out those plans and promises.

Working with Lordbanks, my friend and Chief Technical Officer of CC Consulting, we coordinated the proofreading, cover  and website designs, concepts for the books and the launch, and a bit of logistics too. Lordbanks flew in and was a great help on the day, and I’m just so grateful for friends/business partners that have become family.

I’m also very grateful to the Local Organizing Committee for being such pillars of support to my parents. For attending meetings, fundraising, being literally at this beck and call, you won’t ever lack people to stand by/for you o! I will err if I started mentioning names and miss out on any so can I express my thanks to the Chairman of the LOC for everyone? God bless you richly!

To everyone who came in on the day of the launch, from far and wide, you are all amazing! I’m so grateful you turned up to honor and support your own. To my foster grandparents, Papa and Mama Diai, even in your frailty you made it down… Just remembered the tears that flooded down Momma’s face when I led Papa Diai into the hall, precious memories. Thank you Mama and Papa for loving us, we love you too!

To my Pastor and Father in the faith, Pastor Goodheart Obi Ekwueme, God sent me to you/you to me. Thank you for every word of encouragement, every word of prayer; you are the definition of the word ‘shepherd’. And thank you for writing that very powerful foreword! God bless you and your family richly!

A very big thank you to my friends who stood by me when there was so much to do it nearly drove me mad! Thank you for being ever-present sources of warmth and encouragement. To my darling Wumi, the best friend anyone could ask for, the one to whom I am ‘Ada Obosi’, and to Ace, thank you!

To my sister (Inne), brothers (Kizaro and Qintaro), and our #Ogaatthetop himself (Boo Boo), we’re such a team! You guys are the lights in my sky, thank you for being there and helping out (in person or in spirit, or by just being the reason we smiled at the end of really long days)! There’s only one way people – UP!

To my Momma, nne m oma! The glue holding everything and everyone together, our prayer warrior (with direct access to God’s hotline), thank you for being you! For smoothening all the rough edges, cooking all those wonderful protein based meals for me (team rock hard body), and for worrying (the way only you can), you did a lot more to help than you think you did. And we love you to the moon and back! We do!

To the Patriarch himself! The author of the first six in the ‘God Wants You’ series (Boss! Who else writes six at a go), the ‘builder’, and the best father anyone could ask for, we did it! They can’t hold you back! You’re bigger, better, and this is just the beginning! (Thank you Daddy for running the generator a lot more than you’d do normally so I wouldn’t die from the heat, and especially for coming into my room every night the power came back on just to switch on my air-conditioning.) You’re a star! Love you plenty!

To God, for life, love, family, and all the beautiful things in-between, receive all the thanks, praise and adoration; today, and forever.


  1. Chief Sista says:

    Amen and many congratulations! This is just the beginning. God bless the work of your hands.


  2. Rita Eghujovbo says:

    Big Congrats to daddy Chuka. Well done Chioma dearie


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