Ok, so like every other human being I have a tendency to forget. I don’t forget birthdays or anniversaries if I can help it but I tend to forget other stuff (even fairies aren’t perfect)

Big example: on Friday (exactly one week today) I was on my couch editing articles writing a few, responding to emails, just getting through my pile of work for the day Next thing about 1:15pm my phone rings and it is my driving instructor.

D.I – hi Chioma! I’ve been trying to find your house. It is the one with the barriers isn’t it?

FGS – Yep! What’s up? Is there a problem?

D.I – You have a driving lesson for 1pm today! I’m just a few minutes late because I had a little trouble finding the place.

FGS – oh! I’ll be right down!

I totally forgot! Don’t blame me too much though, I booked this lesson first in February, and then changed the date for this first class in the first few days of March. That’s a month ago (and some), ample time for my mind to get clogged with other matters!

Why am I taking driving lessons now? Not like I didn’t take them before o, it’s just that I learned to drive with a manual car, but once I drove my first automatic, I never looked back. And because of a little incident with my final driving lesson, it was easy to forget to drive stick-shift cars.

I mean, life is hard enough – why add the turmoil of the clutch/accelerator/gear change business to it? It’s already a lot to look in all the mirrors, drive for yourself and the people around you (especially when you have traffic and crazy drivers to contend with), and yet enjoy the ride!

Quick digression: Asaba, 2006 or 2007. My darling father had gotten me a driving instructor. We’d done very well over a short period but we all know the test of a good driver is how well they can reverse.

Funnily, I did well with that too, and then after a while I got cocky. I started reversing round a tree. Yup. I know, I can imagine what you’re thinking. Each time I came full circle, I’d step on the gas a little more. Till I ran into a parked car in the compound, and sent shards of her headlights flying.

Dad heard the crash and soon as he confirmed I was fine (and I had stopped crying, lol), he sent me back to continue driving. I’m grateful he did that because every time I remember that incident now I remember that I drove right after that, and I feel a lot better. And I haven’t run into anything or anyone since then.

Back to why I’m taking lessons. I need to pass a theory and practical driving test to get a license, and I plan to get all these done before my birthday in May.

My progress card.... Seriously!

My progress card…. Seriously!

The clutch and brakes in the passenger side of the car we're using for the lessons. Very cool.... And a handy safety precaution!

The clutch and brakes in the passenger side of the car we’re using for the lessons. Very cool…. And a handy safety precaution!

My instructor is a great, patient guy, and I know I won’t get ahead of myself this time.

Gotta go now, it’s time for my class!


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