Why do people die?

Posted: May 31, 2013 in POETRY

Why do people die?

who says when, where, who says why?

life is fleeting, in a twinkle of an eye

here, then you hear they died


From their sleep to heaven for keeps

the life to death transition is so swift

the good the bad, the true, the lies

here, then she hears they died


What does it feel like, the passing

I haven’t died so I guess I’m asking

Were they scared, hurt, did they cry

they were here then we heard they died


Why do people die?

disappear, fade, go up in the sky?

I should have called, should have said goodbye

you were here, then I heard you died


  1. rita eghujovbo says:

    Deep. It is well my darling sis


  2. chioma says:

    We die bcos we want to see God. Well for me – others may just want to leave earth to stop suffering.


  3. poembuzz says:

    beautiful poem dear. keep the gud work up


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