My Jesus is different from yours…

Posted: July 15, 2013 in His Word
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I started writing this post a while ago about how our modes of worship differ whether across or within one religion. Within Christianity, some people worship in ways that some others may consider as odd, not Biblical, or even wrong. Has it caused strife? Yes. Has it brought dissension into the house of the Lord? Definitely. Each one feels like their mode of worship is best, the ‘true’ way to God/heaven.

Public Service Announcement guys: God said, “the eyes of the Lord roam to and fro, seeking those whose hearts are perfect towards Him”. Not those whose churches or whose doctrines or whose modes of worship. Hearts people, hearts.

The Bible also says that Jesus (not your Pope, Bishop, Reverend or Pastor) is the way, the truth, and the life. Ok? Interestingly, all through the New Testament we see that Jesus and the disciples would randomly gather people and start preaching to them, feeding them too. To my mind, ‘feeding’ here is a loose term for ‘catering’ to their needs.

So can we digress a bit and tell church leaders that people won’t care what message you’re carrying till they know how much you care? Really.

Back to the churches and doctrines, and maybe the people (brace yourself). I was chatting with a friend earlier and we touched on how people like to pontificate. Take homosexuality for example – is it a sin? Yes. Search the Bible. Is it a lifestyle for some? Yes. Do I support/advocate/buy the idea? No.

Now that we are clear, I will not however join the bandwagon of people who see it fit to ‘condemn’ people who engage in same-sex relationships on God’s behalf. Is it your body? No. Did God send you, like call you on the phone, or even email (so there’s a paper trail) and tell you to “go in all the world and condemn all the sinners” because He’s too busy doing other things? I doubt it, like strongly doubt it. Especially when we are not without sin ourselves.

So you’re not a murderer, a fornicator, an armed robber, etc. Did you tell a lie today? I know it’s not noon yet but search yourself. Did you do something you shouldn’t have? Not do something you should have done? Yup, the Bible says “to him who knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin”. There you go.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is no league table or top 10 sins countdown list with God; sin is sin. The murderer, the thief (£1 or £1, 000, 000), the liar (white or big lies), sin is sin. Think about next time you want to mount your high horse to judge the next man.

Final word? We’re all inching towards perfection, trying to be holy as God is holy, trying to do right. While God uses different people to speak to us and keep us in line, ultimately the relationship is between a man and woman, and their God.

Let’s try not to interfere.



  1. Gary D. Long says:

    very good word sister!!!!


  2. moyomi says:

    Well said. No one is @ perfection yet not even the man God uses.


    • Very true Moyomi! According to my Pastor, we must strive to give the same measure of grace and mercy we partake of daily, and in doing so, attract others to the kingdom of God.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. femmetotale says:

    Lol @ “Did God send you, like call you on the phone, or even email (so there’s a paper trail) and tell you to “go in all the world and condemn all the sinners”. It’s so amazing how some people are so certain they can be as holy as God is and perhaps he also gave them the mandate to condemn all other ‘unholy-non-doctrine-obeying’ people. I wonder if the portion that says, ‘Our righteousness is as a filthy rag before the Lord,’ is deleted from their bibles. Nice one!


    • Lol!! @ Femmetotale, you know sometimes it’s easy to become wrapped up in our own righteousness (which is as filthy rags) and feel like we have a right to condemn others.

      Shouldn’t be so at all!


  4. jeremylum88 says:

    As all of us are imperfect and have sinned against God, how is the gospel being preached to save the unsaved? When we see a certain thing is wrong, we have to say it is wrong according to the Bible. That is some form of judging. We are using our own judgement to determine the result. Yes, my life is sinful, but by the grace and mercy of God, Jesus has paid the price and bought me over. I am His and is trying to live a life (righteous) like Him. I may fall and fail many times, but I will endeavour to do it nevertheless. So making our stand in the presence of those who are going the wrong way is commendable. If all of us Christians can live up to the expectation of what Christ has done, we can set the world on fire for Christ!


    • Hello Jeremy!

      Of course we are to preach the gospel, of course we are to speak up against evil (I’m all for taking a stand for what I believe in and I mentioned that too). What I alluded to was judging others, we don’t have a right to do that. Even the bible says, “don’t judge, so you won’t be judged”. There is only one who is holy, and that’s God. That’s why sinners don’t go through us to Him, the Holy Spirit draws them, and they go through Jesus.

      We are all striving for perfection.

      Thanks for stopping by, and for the insight!


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