You’re always a winner to me aunty, always will be

Posted: July 31, 2013 in In memory of my aunty Pat

I was dating some guy during my days as a corps member (not it’s not one of those corper relationships you’re thinking of), and at some point we started having serious fights. Of course aunty knew him, she knows all of them. Come to think of it, it was aunty’s idea that I come to Abuja for the whole NYSC business. She said she missed me.

Anyway, one day he came to the house to ‘report me to her’ because we’d had some argument about something. I was at work I think, and I got home to meet him there with her. They were sat in the study, and apart from being really upset he was reporting me, I was amused! You know what she did? After she had tried to get us to listen to each other and sort out our differences, she locked us both in the study and said we weren’t coming out till one person apologised to the other.

My darling aunty Pat.

It’s almost surreal, I can’t believe that the last time I saw you in June, was the last time I’d see you. I planned to visit you in America, and I feel horrible every day now that I didn’t get that visa before now. Perhaps I would have spent just a bit more time with you.

I remember that morning, even as she was leaving for the airport, she was still asking if I’d be ok, and if I wouldn’t be lonely. Then she said, “now you can rest from taking care of me. Make sure you go out o, go and visit your friends, have fun, and just rest”. I hugged her and kissed her forehead. How can they tell me she’s not coming back?

I’d take care of you all over again aunty, was my privilege to do the little I could. All over again, no questions asked.

I hadn’t spoken to her in a quite a few days, and so the Saturday before she passed I sent her a letter, updating her on gist, praying for her, and encouraging her to hang in there, and that I’d visit soon. And then I hear…

Aunty mi.

To me you’re a winner, a strong winner who beat cancer. To my mind you weren’t knocked down (or out), you just walked out of the ring. You didn’t succumb, you rose above it. You defeated it.

And for that you are my hero, and I’ll always, always cherish your memory.

  1. daughter of zion says:

    I recount several chats with Dear Aunty Pat, ranging from work to personal issues. Her sense of humor was massive, her slangs were EPIC and her reproach when 1 was worn as firm yet gentle Indeed, she is (I don’t want 2refer to her in past tense) a HERO and fighter till the end. My prayers are with you and the entire family, Dearie


  2. Nike says:

    She did walk out of the ring! Such an honour to meet a woman like Aunty. God help us to bear this… Amen.


    • Amen. Sista, I am more than grateful you are my friend… More than grateful. You came in on the day of the funeral, sent people to stand in your stead the day before, what can I say? Thank you, thank you, thank you. God bless you, and take away every sorrow around you, in Jesus name. Thank you, love you to pieces!


  3. Emmanuel B says:

    I know for sure that Aunty Pat is rilli a queen star to u guys and I am sure the canopy of her light is and will always be shining over you guys. To me, I bliv when a person takes up a much lighter form of nature dat makes her one with d higher celestial unseen present beings dat form a finer part of our world, they never rilli go away. Aunt Pat might be physically out of tangible reach, you may not be able to feel the warmth from her bossom when locked in her embrace, but hey, she is closer to u more than ever, all u guys need to do when u miss aunt Pat the most, and feel like asking her questions no other person could answer, is to close ur eyes and call out to her from d inside, ask ur questions as though u were asking her, and u wud be hit a tender shock of joy when ud here her voice responding to you and offering advice just d way she wud if she were beside u… :)… i wish I kud meet her…


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