Posted: August 7, 2013 in In memory of my aunty Pat

How do you deal with grief?

How do I?

How do I go in the house, step in her room, breathe in her air, tell myself its true?

How do I stay strong for me, for them?

When all I want to do is sit and cry

How do I not question when I see her

At peace, at rest, but only in my mind

Who do I talk to, or gist with?

Why did you choose to leave now?

Selfish I know but why now?

How do I tell you I miss you?

How do we cope?


  1. Awesome poem! You remain in my prayers.


  2. Stella says:

    hmmmm….So many questions…Only God has the anwers…Its truely tough…feel free to cry when you feel like..scream,even rant if you may,God can handle our doubts,questions and our fears…Only He can comfort and strengthen you…He’ll take the pain’ll see…lost my child 4 months ago…trust me He would comfort and strengthen you all…Love you darln…Stay Strong.


  3. Only God does…in spite of it all,…He is God and He is good..reassuring to know He cares and is committed to us…

    Bless you dear.


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