The day before the day that would precede the days here

Posted: August 8, 2013 in TRAVELOGUE
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How many ‘days’ can you get in one sentence? I got three.

Ok, been exactly a week since I’ve been home, reminisced on my trip here and decided to write as I thought. Ok? Nothing extra.

The day before I left, my uncle and my nephew came in from. From helping them settle in, to fixing them a meal, then racing to the Mail Delivery Office to pick up my parcels I had missed, I looked up and all of a sudden it was 5pm. In other news my Reebok Slim Tones are so fab, and super comfy!

Anyway, so I whisked my nephew to the mall to purchase his school stuff, we had a quick lunch and then spent the next few hours going from store to store. Did I mention I cooked soup before we left?

Got home about 9.40pm, and the little urchin who had complained he was tired and wanted to go home (remember we were shopping for his stuff), entered the house and remembered I promised to take him to ASDA for doughnuts and chocolate muffins. Off to ASDA we went.

Cooked jollof rice when we got back, let it burn a little so it had that ‘party rice’ flavor, loaded all the dishes from lunch and dinner in the washer, packed his box, and then started thinking of how to pack mine. Time check? 11.54pm.

Bless God for Booski for buying Boo Boo a dolphin shaped foot-to-floor ride (thank you Sweetie), and for the brilliant idea on how to fit it into one of my boxes! You’re a star.

My neighbor came around to help me too (thank you Mobola), and keep me company. To be honest she kept me from falling asleep! By 1.30am we wrapped up on the packing and she advised me not to sleep till I was showered and ready for my taxi.

Again, shout out to Booski for staying up with me the entire time; are we mighty grateful for Facetime or what?

3.25am, my taxi arrived. I loaded my stuff in the car, said a prayer, and fell asleep.

A woman’s work is never done.



Got to Terminal Four about 5am, and just as I was wheeling my boxes into the departure area and wondering why I was at the airport two hours before my flight when I already had a boarding pass, I saw the queue for baggage drop, and didn’t even utter the words.

Air France. Was going to ask to be upgraded (since it didn’t cross their minds to upgrade me, smh) when it occurred to me that all my smiles at the lady went unacknowledged. Plus, she said they couldn’t tag my boxes as ‘fragile’ because “Air France doesn’t tag boxes, at all”. This was after she’d made me wheel my stuff to some other counter o. SMH, again.

Boarded, said another prayer, was talking to Booski and I dozed off. He hung up, and started calling back, at least so I could switch off my phones but my royal majesty was fast asleep! Didn’t wake up till we touched down at Charles De Gaulle.

Only thing I thought when I woke up was, “Dear Lord I hope I wasn’t snoring.”


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