Finding that strength within – not the easiest thing to do sometimes. I don’t mean finding the strength to tackle your laundry, do your schoolwork, or get to something you’ve been procrastinating about since you were a child. I’m talking about sending your soul to find the fortitude/place/strength to deal with unpleasant situations – could be the death of a loved one, a tough time financially, pressure from school/work, you know, those kinds of things where the issue is felt more in your mind than physically.

Where do you draw strength? Some people turn to alcohol or drugs (with horrible consequences), some turn to music, others depend on a partner or spouse, others turn to God (in whatever form they know him), and according to Nollywood, more than half turn to one native doctor or the other (sorry that was too good to pass up).

I would say what mine is but truth is it depends on what the issue is. Sometimes all I need to get through a difficult time is to see a picture of my nephew, the cutest baby on the planet! Or (and this might sound funny), write about the issue I’m facing. Can I say that some of my best blog posts were written in times of great despair/anger/emotion? Other times playing music really loud helps (especially when I cry and let the music drown my wailing). Other times I lie in bed, have a good cry (I’m a bit of a wailer I know), and fall asleep.

One thing I don’t fail to do though when I feel low is pray. It could be the ‘help me Lord before I kill someone’ prayer or the ‘Lord Jesus help me through this’ cry, but I pray. And it always makes me feel better.

I’m learning to talk too, talk about the way I feel. I was speaking to Booski the other day and he said (like he had said a million times before), “You need to talk to me Babe. Whatever it is, I won’t know if you don’t tell me.” Bless him.

It is important to share; I’m learning to draw strength from people when I’m incapable of standing on my own. I talk to family, I talk to my therapist (yes I have one, happy to facilitate an introduction), I talk to my bestie Wumi; I talk, and I let it out.

Food for thought for today – like I’ve said in a few posts before, if we were supposed to exist in isolation it would be one person per country or per continent. That’s not the case so don’t live like that. Don’t try to.

We all have that route/opening for expressing hurt, anger, shame, and pain; letting out the emotions we gather on this walk called life. It’s foolhardy to try to go it alone so find your escape, and keep it close.

  1. JBoy says:

    The load of life is just too much for one person it is best to share em thanks for the write up and Booski is right you know “Whatever it is, He won’t know if you don’t tell him.” Bless him.”.


    • Awww, I’ll let him know!! Thing is, we all grow up differently, with different ways of handling the not-too-pleasant things that happen around us. I’m learning to talk though, learning everyday. Thank you JBoy!


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