Did you watch ‘Mind Your Language’ when it aired? I did! A bit of a testament to my age but hey, who said I was hiding it? Anyways, MYL is set in a classroom that could pass for a United Nations General Assembly. There were people from different countries/continents in the class, and watching their interactions is the most hilarious bit of my day! Plus there’s always a lesson or the other to learn, however subtle.

I’m playing on that title as I endure two ladies beside me talking about a couple playing with their daughter who can’t be more than 6. They are not Nigerian, matter of fact they look and sound British. One of the ladies says to the other in vernacular “ I’m sure that mother did not breastfeed that girl”.

Haaaaay! How can you tell just by looking at the child whether or not they were breastfed? Is there a squint in their eye, spring (or not) in their step, or isn’t it a clear case of idle minds taken over by gossip?

Anyway, was going to board the flight when I saw I had my sister’s house keys in my bag. To be honest I didn’t even notice; she rang just as I was boarding. Fortunately I found a staff who agreed to take it and pass on to her; by the time I touch down I’ll know if that happened or not.

Let’s come back to an age-old errr…’problem’, for lack of a better word to describe it. Why don’t people like to switch their phones, even when they have been told to? Come to think of it, without being told wouldn’t an adult know when to switch them off? Why wait for the airline staff to come talk to you then you give them the evil eye like you’ve just been apprised that they are behind all your woes? Sigh.

The lady sitting in the row beside mine, after doing a mini photo shoot on her seat Booski and I had a major laugh about (I so blame Instagram), and bullying the hostesses into giving her a full bottle of water (and anyone who knows Arik knows they only do those disposable cups) Madam refused to switch off her phone o. cabin crew had run through the safety procedures, the plane was taxiing, she’d been told by two hostesses (who she all but rolled her eyes at), and she still didn’t switch it off. Then the male attendant came to tell her. She smiled like he’d just told her she’d won the lottery, and then she switched it off. Finally. Shaking my head. Why are females so…never mind.

Before I forget, who was behind the bright idea to cut down all the trees on the way to the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport?  Are we completely deaf to all the ‘save the trees/earth’, ‘plant a tree’, ‘climate change’ campaigns everywhere? What was the aim? Definitely not to beautify the place I hope because sparse and empty as it looks, it can only be likened to the wasteland in the brain of the person who authorized this. Haba!

I would talk about the incessant repairs and additions to the road leading to the airport but I don’t want to annoy myself. Another day abeg.

P:S – This post was written on the 4th of August (one month today), while on board the flight.

P: S1 – thank God for a safe, uneventful trip.

P: S2 – Madam refused to switch off her iPad when it was time to land. Again, she had to be told. I just can’t with some people!

  1. fikemi says:

    lol@ the paragraph about the trees.


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