#OurNASS: One march, five demands, and what we could have done with one trillion naira

Posted: September 26, 2013 in DAY 2 DAY
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Protests and visible discontent are an integral part of any democracy. Agreed?

Today, Thursday, the 26th of September 26th at 10 am, Enough is Enough Nigeria, United Action for Democracy, Say No Campaign, ReclaimNaija and other organisations will meet at the National Assembly (in Abuja) to make 5 demands of our representatives. The demands and the rationale are summarized below:

1. Immediate comprehensive breakdown of their budgetary allocation of N150 billion for 2013. They have been very vocal that the N150 billion is not only for salaries but the entire National Assembly structure.The Economist magazine says they are the 2nd highest paid parliamentarians in the world.There is no authoritative breakdown of what the N150 billion pays for.We want them to provide this breakdown.
2. An account of the N1 trillion received since 2005 before the next recess in December. N1 trillion is a lot of money.Have Nigerians gotten value for money?They have to tell us.
3. Functional contact information – numbers, email addresses and physical addresses of their constituency offices.We demand the names of at least two contact people attached to the numbers and email addresses. Our representatives must be reachable!
4. ALL voting records on ALL constitutional amendments. Nigerians have a right to know how their representatives honored their wishes for changes to the constitution.
5. We demand that the attendance list for each plenary be made public. Pictures show both chambers relatively empty on plenary days, yet members are quite opposed to suggestions that they work part time.How many people actually attend plenary and contribute to discussions?Are Nigerians getting value for money?

Please share with your networks and join us if you can! Our Nass 7 Our Nass 6 Our Nass 5 Our Nass 4 Our Nass 3 Our Nass 2 Our Nass 1

That’s why we’re marching today.

More information can be found here – www.eienigeria.org/ournass.

  1. I will be praying for safe travel and look forward to hearing all about the march! God bless you!~Zoey


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