English: Political map of the 36 States of Nig...

English: Political map of the 36 States of Nigeria (English) Deutsch: politische Karte Nigerias (Englisch) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, the 1st of October is Nigeria‘s 53rd birthday. For some, it is a time to be happy, make merry and bring back the fond memories of 53 years of a fine and shared experience. For others, it will be a sober reminder of the promises that the nation made in 1960, and how far away we seem to stand from those promises. On whatever side of the divide you stand, attaining the ripe age of 53 is a reason in itself to be grateful.

At YNaija2015, we agreed that regardless, every birthday deserves a birthday message. So, we have created Nigeria’s birthday wall here, and we invite you, the informed, the smart, the discerning and the objective reader to leave a goodwill message for your dear fatherland (Or is it motherland?) here on the live blog titled ‘Independence Day Greetings: Happy birthday Nigeria!’

Here’s what you should do. Click on this link here, fill in the details and then your message (in any Nigerian language or in English)! All we ask is that you refrain from foul or indecent language. Keep it responsible.

On behalf of all of us, we congratulate our dear Nigeria for being 53.


PS – If we don’t send birthday greetings, who will?

  1. David James says:

    What is the main achievement of Nigeria at 53?


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