Aberdeen Baby!! That Easyjet flight…

Posted: October 12, 2013 in TRAVELOGUE
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Hello you!!!

Hopefully you’ve come from reading the first part of this story. If you haven’t, I’ll send you here because I want you to really follow this trip with me!

Ok, so I ordered the ‘South West Jambalaya’ from Armadillo which is rice and beans with roast veg, prawns, chicken, chorizo, sweet corn, and err, one thing I couldn’t make out.

Then it was time to board, and we got to the gate. They were late (who do I charge for that o), and interestingly, when it was time to board, I was told that I was only allowed one piece of hand luggage. Now I had my handbag, laptop and then little suitcase but according to the lady I was to have just one. She called someone to ‘help’ me and the person took me to the side and said each extra piece would cost £40. I almost laughed.

Then I said I didn’t have any money, and that with missing my flight that morning I had incurred expenses I didn’t budget for (think the trains, the taxis, etc) and that so if it meant missing this flight, I wasn’t going to pay that amount to check in my handbag.

For some reason I’d stapled the receipt for the rescue fare (the money I paid to get on the evening flight) to the boarding pass so he looked at it. He went to speak to the lady, came back to me and said they’d check in my box for free. Yay!!!

*Thank you Jesus*

Boarded, was sat between two men, much older than I was. One of them had a very interesting tattoo on his left arm (close to his wrist), and the other man had ears like an elf (nothing derogatory there, just the best description I have). And he was such a gentleman! He helped me hold my bag while I took off my coat and settled into my seat. Bless him.

Now, can I say that I thoroughly enjoyed my flight with Easyjet, matter of fact the experience on board was one of the best I’ve had? I think that I can say that because off the top of my head I’ve easily flown at least 10 airlines, and none of the crew on either of them have amused me like these guys did!

First off the cabin manager apologised that the flight was late, and then introduced the ‘fabulous crew’ he was working with – don’t remember their names so let’s assume – “Jane at the front, Sandra taking care of the middle, and, chained to the back of the plane we have Danielle”. Lol!!!!

Did I mention that each time he addressed us he said “ladies and gentlemen boys and girls?” Always made me think of a magical show each time he said that. The part had had me literally laughing out loud though was when we were going to take off and the call for phones and other electronic devices had been made. The cabin manager said, “right, so in line with standard practices we will be switching off the lights in the cabin. If you are not already familiar with the person beside you this would be a good time to say hello. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be in the dark with someone you don’t know.”

Everyone erupted in laughter, but it worked! The three of us on my row introduced ourselves. I thought that was a really nice touch. Really nice.

And so we took off. I read for a bit, and then I slept. Was a bit turbulent when we took off, but we had been told, and it wasn’t so bad. And landing was smooth, again one of the best I’ve had in a while. Very well done Easyjet!

My darling friend was waiting (with her best friend) to get me, and the rest from here goes on to the third part in this Aberdeen series!

The party’s today and I need to sleep!


P:S – time check? 1.46am, 12th Oct.



  1. Sounds like you had an easier time than me, but I find EasyJet can SOMETIMES be awesome!


  2. …always an adventure! Sometimes you just have to look at the “lighter side of things”…and be amused instead of frustrated! (scrolling to next post)


  3. […] Aberdeen Baby!! That Easyjet flight… (fairygodsister.wordpress.com) […]


  4. […] Aberdeen Baby!! That Easyjet flight… (fairygodsister.wordpress.com) […]


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