I love visiting places, meeting new people, and having fun… Most of all, I like to sit down after a period has passed and just say a massive thank you to people who have been there for me one way or the other! So whether it’s for being a part of my blog, thanking my bosom buddies for standing by us when Daddy launched the first offerings from the God Wants You Series, or even much recently, every one person who has been a pillar of support with the passing of my darling aunty, I like to say thank you. I really do.

And so, this post says a massive thank you to Lanzo and Fran for opening their doors to host each and every one of us who came from far and near to celebrate gorgeous Talia’s birthday. Thank you for lodging me (errr, we’re agreed on The Marriott for next time right), thank you for feeding us, thank you for making us feel welcome.

Thank you Fran for being such a wonderful person. You know (and I must have said this a lot of times already), last time we saw physically was 2001 in secondary school. Yes we did that interview about your make-up artistry but it was purely on merit, was about me loving the fabulous work that you do. And so when I said I was going to come down, I was excited, but at the same time I worried that so much time had passed, personalities might have changed, and all of that. But nope! Rock star you were, rock star you still are! With no airs, the right amounts of English, and hilarious Igbo!! Not an awkward moment, and I must say again, you have the best friends anyone could wish for.

Am I sounding really cheesy yet?

Thank you to the lovely Leanne, Irresistible Ikenna, Uber Cool Uchenna, Learned Lanzo, Kind Kadia, Potato (or was it popcorn) Paul, Mesmerizing Miles, and what was Prince’s one? It was my pleasure meeting you guys, I wish you the best in everything you do, and I hope that we can all catch up again soon!

Aberdeen was fab! Whoop!!

P:S – One more post (full of pictures)  and then I’ll lock up Aberdeen till Fran has another baby! I just really need the photos and that video (especially that)!!

  1. Thank God for friendships..its interesting how you had a description for every one…too funny…

    And oh, what’s up with our “pinch of humour” series?



    • Pinch of humour started making my poor blackberry sad o, I guess all the pictures I was storing on the phone started making it slow. I should bring it back though, a lot of people liked them!

      For the description, lol! Wasn’t just me though, we played a game and everyone came up with a description for themselves!


  2. What a blessing YOU are to your friends! ~Zoey


  3. […] the fabulous work she does with makeup! Then I hopped off  to Aberdeen sometime in October for her baby girl’s first birthday, and I had a wonderful […]


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