Djeregbe: My notes from our devotions

Posted: November 24, 2013 in His Word
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So I spent five nights in Djeregbe, a small town in Benin Republic with the rest of the team @ Red. Each morning we had a devotion, and then a workout session (which I led for a couple days, team #fitfam)!

This post is a compilation of the notes I took during devotion (you know you can’t catch me in any ‘church-like’ environment without something to write on, even if I have to use a device, which I used on a couple occassions).

Managing Director and one of the Founders of Red Media, Chude Jideonwo spoke on some days, and other days it was life coach and management consultant Jerome leading the sessions. Bits and bobs I found really interesting (in bullet points cos most of them are stand alone pieces) and thought to share, so thank me later!


  • Change something from a smaller size to a bigger one.
  • It is easy to confuse ‘a bit of knowledge’ with knowing everything.


Chude’s Talk

1 Samuel 17

  • The irony of Saul’s words when he told David not to go fight Goliath because he was a youth and that Goliath had been fighting since he was a youth.
  • Many times people tell you not to do things because you’re a young person, the challenge we face everyday.
  • There is the confidence of youth and the confidence that comes from being equipped, especially with experience.
  • After David killed Goliath, he still went back to Saul in humility for the next battle.
  • Confidence, humility, the ability to take from within himself (and not try to be like anyone else) to fight his battles.

Jerome’s sermon, set in the David/Goliath story

  • Leaders always declare themselves without making statements/noise but by their works.
  • Regardless of how bad you think your situation is, there’s someone whose place is worse off.
  • If you’re the smartest of your peers, you’re in trouble.
  • You’re better off being among people who are better/more knowledgeable than you are. They won’t ever feel intimidated in trying to bring you up to their level.
  • Sometimes we bring out our arsenal too quickly; David didn’t show the rest of the army of Israel too quickly otherwise they would have discounted/looked down on it, and possibly ‘demotivated’ him.

Jeremiah 10:23 – you can not come to the full realisation of yourself if you don’t go to God, your Creator and the one who knows what He intended you for.

Chude’s sermon (I remember this was on Friday, the day we left)!

From today and henceforth, you have permission to shine, to glory, to excel, to succeed! (Prophecy, say amen!)

Joshua 1:1-13
I don’t know who promised Christians that the race would be easy. With Hannah who was called a drunk by her pastor, Joshua who had to lead his people against gains, David who a giant alone, and even Jesus who begged for “this cup to pass over me”

Glory is only magnificent when it has conquered trouble.

  1. I so enjoy reading about your adventures. I have missed our time on the blog. Really like your devotion today….awesome! Know you remain in my prayers…even when I am away from posting. Blessings ~Zoey


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