There’s a whole set of chronicles from my London-Lagos-Djeregbe-Lagos-Abuja-Lagos-London trip, first one’s here.

We had devotionals everyday (link to my notes from all of them are here), and Jerome told this story during one of those devotionals. You might have heard it before but hey, no harm in reading it again, right?

In Lagos there is something called ‘Third Mainland Bridge‘, which runs above ….river and is about km in length. According to Lagosians, it is the worst place ever to get stuck in traffic because there is no shoulder, and no options for a U-turn or anything like that.

Anyway, so on this day there wasn’t any traffic, and this car with four guys in it was moving on the bridge when the driver miscalculated and went boom! into a pothole. All of them in the car heard a bang and when the driver got it together and stopped the car, they noticed that all the screws on one of the tires was off.

They were in the middle of the bridge, about … of road each way, and no screws to hold the tire in place so they could leave. Tried to call people to bring screws but for some reason they couldn’t get anyone willing to come bring screws to them.

And then they saw this mad man walking towards them, like a proper mad person. Probably not the ones with clothes on, and of course he looked really rough, like he’d been on the streets for a while. First thought was, “oh boy, to compound our troubles here’s a madman who will probably try to harass us”. All of them braced themselves to fend him off, probably ‘psyching’ themselves up in their minds and putting on their most brave faces.

And the mad man came up to them and said, “why don’t you remove one screw from each of the tires? That gives you three screws for the fourth one, and you can leave here.”

Wisdom from a mad man? Incredible! But then you must have heard that even the fatally insane have their lucid moments, and the most intelligent have their crazy moments. Just depends on which one you channel more, but I digress:)

Long story short, these young men did as the madman said, and true to his words, they were able to drive off with three screws each on all four tires.

What if they had discountenanced his counsel because of his appearance? What if they didn’t listen at all? They’d probably still be on that bridge till now!

Moral of the story? A man wrapped up in himself is a very small package. There are pools of knowledge we can draw from every single day, long as we humble ourselves and remain teachable.

C’est fini!

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