A post a day…is on its way! Whoop!

Posted: November 30, 2013 in DAY 2 DAY
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Ladies and gentlemen, please ignore my feeble attempts at rhyming (look at the title again, see my sexy lyrics, lol)!

It’s a great day! It’s the end of the month, God’s been good, I’m alive, my family and loved ones are alive and well, there is hope for us, what more could anyone ask for?

I must say though, I’ve had a really difficult week. Will attempt to express those in separate posts but am I happy the month is over or what? Especially because I’ve got some massive plans for December!

For the first time since, when I published a poem by Andy Watt on the blog, I’m going to be opening up my ‘house’ to let other people feature! I’m so excited about that!! Whoop!

Now, not only am I opening up the blog, but it’s going to be open the entire month of December! Every single day, there’s going to be one post from a different person talking about their 2013: what they learned, what they would do differently, and one thing they are grateful for! Some of these people I’ve met, some others I met via Twitter, some are Nigerian, others are not, I’m just really excited at what this project will throw up! And I’m mighty grateful to all of them for saying yes, and taking the time to send in a post and a picture (yes you’ll see their pictures too!)

Are you excited? You better be!! It starts tomorrow, and there’ll be a brand new one up everyday at 11am. Keep coming back, keep reading, and if by any odd stroke of fate you want to send a post in, you have only today to do so! Nothing over 600 words though, and you have to say your name, your nationality, and what you do for a living. Feel free to include a link to it if you want.

In advance, welcome to a beautiful, happy, extraordinary December! Rock out! Mwah!

  1. JMAD says:

    I’m interested. Is the line up for entries filled up?


  2. […] which is opening up my blog to 31 people, every day of this month! What they’ll talk about is here, and who better to start with than my friend, brother, and boss, Chude […]


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