How my day went!!

Posted: November 30, 2013 in DAY 2 DAY

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve had a fabulous day!!! Whoop!! There’s something about waking up and deciding that you will take control of your emotions, thoughts, utterances, and channel everything towards having a wonderful day. And that’s what I did!

For starters I slept well, better than I’d slept the entire week, and I was up bright and early, refreshed. Set up political stories to go out on (you should totally check it out), and then I spent like 30 minutes dancing and putting my room in order.

Shower over, I had a lovely bowl of cereal, tweeted a bit (more like a lot), and then set off to town. Mentioned yesterday that I need an outfit for a premiere I’m attending on Monday, and I found a fabulous dress!! Whoop!! Got a clutch too (because I’m the Fairy GodSister, lol).

Ready to head out....

Ready to head out…. P:S – I ‘did’ my eyebrows myself

Channeling my inner

Channeling my inner Miley…lol














Then I went to get pampered. Plan was to get a massage, but when I googled, all the answers I got were not errm, *cough* Godly, *cough* so I settled for a pedicure and foot rub at a lovely place in town. It was a really fun hour I spent there, and my feet feel brand new! Want to see?


I’ve got a close up on my toes on another device. Love the colour though, fingers crossed they didn’t smudge in my sneakers!

Then it was off to the mall, and I had a lovely spicy,sweet chicken and rice dinner at Wasabi (first time there I think, it took all of me not to go to Nandos), and then I came home. Happy, excited, just loving myself, and loving this God who loves me so much! Thank you Lord Jesus, the siege is broken… I’m back to my happy, chirpy self!

Milkshake was out of this world... Now to 'forget it' so I don't go there tomorrow

My mango milkshake was out of this world… Now to ‘forget it’ so I don’t go there tomorrow!!! Plus I took my time and picked out all the onions in the food! SMH! Whatever happened to blenders?

Bed time, I’ll add the photos to this post in the morning.

P:S – My dad is a rock star!!! He agreed to do ‘the thing’ I asked him for yesterday. What would I do without him?

  1. What an awesome day! Sound like your back with pretty toes and lots of sassafras!!! lol
    Like what your doing on the blog, too. Have fun at the premier! Bless you ~Zoey


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