Salamander: A brilliant customer care experience

Posted: December 1, 2013 in TRAVELOGUE
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So I make it a point of duty to write each time I feel I’ve been treated poorly by an organisation, especially the ones who should know better. Come to think of it, there isn’t any one organisation, company, establishment, conglomerate, whatever business it is you have or belong to that is excused from providing stellar service for its clients. None whatsoever!

When I put up the post on Stanbic IBTC, it occurred to me that I was slowly becoming some sort of ‘weeping willow’, so just talking about the wrongs, and not praising those who are doing it right. But then I thought, ‘no, I actually commend people who get it right’. And so I said I would dig through my tweets, find the tweet now pasted below, and tell this story.


Now to be honest I don’t remember @Nubian444’s name, and it’s not in her bio either. I remember though that she is all woman, beautiful, dark-skinned, has half her head shaved and the other half braided, and is the manager of Salamander cafe in Abuja.

I was at Salamander sometime this year, and I remember I had a flight to catch sometime that day, so I didn’t really have all the time in the world but I had sworn I’d eat at Salamander before I traveled. So I got there, placed my order, and one full hour later, nothing. Now, I didn’t order tiger tongue or dragon eyes, I ordered chocolate and banana crepes, and some juice. Crepes took an hour to make? Even if the flour was extracted from the wheat when I ordered, still shouldn’t have taken that long!

When my order was finally served, I mentioned to the waiter that it was an hour 20 minutes late, and the person smiled and said, ‘the kitchen is busy’. Being myself, I asked for the manager and complained, really bitterly about the time, and I don’t remember if I mentioned the response from the staff.

The Manager (@Nubian444) apologised so nicely, and explained that one (or two, don’t remember) of her chefs had called in sick so there was only one chef in the kitchen and therefore, stuff wasn’t as fast as it should be. She mentioned that she was serving and doing kitchen duties as well but it wasn’t an excuse, and apologised again.

I was touched that she took the time to explain, and I said so, saying of course that it was ok. After she left, I told my friends I was sure she wasn’t Nigerian (she certainly didn’t look it), and if she was, she had definitely been trained abroad. Worse, I made a bet, and we all said we’d ask her when she came around again.

She came back, but this time to ask if I liked chocolate cake, and that I could have a slice on the house. Very nice touch, and I said I’d have some. Then we asked what her name was, and it was Funmi (I’m not sure, but it was definitely a Yoruba name), she’d lived abroad, but hadn’t worked there. Technically, I’d lost my bet!

She wanted to know why we were asking all the questions, and so I told her that I hadn’t seen customer care like she’d showed us in a while. I tweeted that she was great, and I really think she is!

There you go, wherever you are @Nubian444, just know you’re a rockstar! And I hope your management stumble on this post some day, and give you a raise or something, cos I just know that it wasn’t an act.

Anyone out there received impeccable service they want to talk about? The comments section is yours! And welcome to the new month!



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