“I have learnt pain is a part of the process” – Emeka #31days31writers

Posted: December 3, 2013 in A post a day
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Welcome to day three of our ‘a post a day’ series!!! Heating up with each new day!
I present Emeka, who I’ve known since my first year at university in Ebonyi State, Nigeria. He’s a brilliant guy, great friend, and an example of someone who will keep going at a thing till they’re successful at it!
Hello my name is Emeka, popularly called Mehki. I am a brand / graphics designer, CEO of S360 Media and SixtyLoud, a computer and information nerd,and recently a Nigerian American.
I was supposed to write about one thing I learned this year, talk about what I am most grateful for, and if I could, one thing I would do differently.
I wish I could start from the year 2012. In two years my life has been a roller coaster ride. From losing loved ones, to getting duped three times consecutively in Abuja.
  • I was duped by a chinese man of half a million Naira as I was a contractor with StarTimes Television in Abuja.
  • Secondly, I trusted a friend with certain funds and he apparently couldn’t give me my money when I wanted it back.
  • Thirdly, a fraudulent apartment was rented out to me also by someone I knew.
Some of you would be like “wow”! Others, ” wetin dey worry this guy”, but I can tell you for one thing, it is the punches we don’t see coming that put us down. And it doesn’t matter how much of a “bad guy” or a “smart ass” you are when life insists on giving you oranges, it also intends on squeezing them too.
In all of these in June 2012 I relocated to the U-S of A. The funny thing with life is when it hands you oranges (The Fruit), it squeezes it (The Pain) you deal with the seeds (The Process) and you suck the juice (The Victory).
I have learnt nothing lasts forever; I have learnt no condition is permanent; I have learnt pain is a part of the process; I have learnt it is those closest to you that  give you the most punches. I have learnt to have absolute faith in God; I have learnt death is no respecter of persons. I have learnt not all love is love; I have learnt that regardless of the amount of learning, you still make mistakes. I have learnt to continually take risks and never look back! (What’s the worst that can happen?)
I am most grateful to God for life, ambition and opportunity. For now I am in a new world  making the best out of this new thrilling, adrenaline and fearsome experience. I won’t change or do anything differently. In every glory, look for the story – I am not here for the applause this write up, I’m here to encourage people out there thus I am saying ” Be honest, see challenges as opportunities and never ever give up!
Good Luck!
Trivia: Do you know Emeka designed the logo for this blog? And the logo for CC Consulting? Yep! He's good like that...

Trivia: Do you know Emeka designed the logo for this blog? And the logo for CC Consulting? Yep! He’s good like that…

  1. […] “I have learnt pain is a part of the process” – Emeka #31days31writers […]


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