PSA: An appeal to help find two women, and several animals

Posted: December 6, 2013 in DAY 2 DAY
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I was having dinner, and catching up with gossip on Linda Ikeji’s blog. And then I saw a story about two women who, accused of stealing pepper, had been stripped naked, beaten, and had the pepper poured into one of them. Not into her mouth, into her vagina. I watched it, simply because I didn’t believe the story was true. I didn’t believe that that level of sadism was possible.

It was true. Every word of it. Understated more like.

What the narrative didn’t say was that the lady who was worse off was pushed from her kneeling position to lie flat on her back, and one of the men placed his foot on her head to hold her down while the pepper was poured into her.

The narrative didn’t say she was begging for mercy, that she was whipped and prodded with a stick like an animal, and that the men rubbed this pepper on her and the other lady.

The narrative also didn’t say there were other men who apparently were so fascinated by this incident that they whipped out their phones and started taking pictures/filming.

Finally, the narrative didn’t mention that once you hear the woman scream (as the pepper goes into her), that is all you’ll hear for the rest of the evening.

The video is 8.25minutes of torture, left me in tears by the time I got to the end of it. I willed myself to watch it to the end because I wanted to build the anger to be able to do this.

Even if the ladies were guilty, there is no excuse under heaven to treat women like that. No one (regardless of their crime) deserves to be stripped, beaten, and then tortured like that.

I don’t want to forget the video, and I don’t want to forget the women.

And so I make this appeal: let’s find them. It is possible to find them and the animals who did this to them.

The narrative mentions ‘Iyana Ejigbo’; my Yoruba is poor and so beyond ‘sanu mi’ (have mercy on me) and ‘ata’ (pepper), I didn’t understand the rest of the video. But I’ve enlisted someone who will help translate in the morning. I have also found where Iyana Ejigbo is. @bisiogunwale said “Iyana literally means ‘road to’; Ejigbo is the actual suburb, located between Isolo and Ikotun”. I have also found someone who has asked her friend (who lives in the area) to have a look around, talk to people, see if someone knows/saw/heard something.

This is how you can help:

I hear Ejigbo is a small  but densely populated area, and so one person might not be able to cover a lot of ground. Who else can volunteer to visit the area, ask around? Preferably in a group with people/someone who speaks yoruba proficiently. Get in touch.

Are there any charities/groups/societies in Lagos who cater to abused women? Who will be willing to work with me/us to counsel and rehabilitate these women, get them to reveal the identities of their assailants and then take this up with the Police and the courts? If you’ve got contact details to share, please get in touch.

That’s all.

Every site I’ve seen carrying this story says “Lagos Police please find these men”; I say let’s find the women and let them ‘lead’ us to the men. It is not enough to tweet/post to Facebook condemning the act, let’s match those with action.

Remember Aluu 4? The men who, in a mob could take the lives of those four men started out like this. Violence begets violence. Let us find them and stop them.

Thank you.


  1. S says:

    I just watched the video. Been seeing it around but I generally try to avoid watching these kind of stuff, can’t stomach it most of the time. If you’re trying to find them, that’s highly commendable but note that it will most likely not be a smooth ride. You may even find the women and they wouldn’t want to go to the police, so I think uou shoild have an open mind. I understand the need to “help” these women but sometimes what we think people “need” is not want they want or actually need.
    Now my take from the video, you’ve probably gotten this from the translation already but here goes. The woman stole pepper and willingly confesses to that , why she is being tortured is that there is also some missing clothing and she is vehemently saying that she didn’t steal those that it’s her accomplice, the other girl that did. For some reason they’re not inclined to torture the other girl as much , my guess; she cut a deal to supply “info”(whether right or wrong we’ll never know) for leniency.


  2. S says:

    They keep talking about a market, so I think these guys are like those “area boys” like OPC that are responsible for security in the market , fact is they’re usually criminalistic themselves and hiring them as “security” ensures they don’t loot and can also keep other criminals in check, one sees a lot of these kind of stuff in Lagos island markets, oke arin, balogun, idumota and the rest.
    So I would say , start from major markets in Ejigbo, but note again, do not expect cooperation and it might even be dangerous(not trying to be dramatic/sensational here but you’re trying to put these guys in jail, right?). These women stole in the market and were reported by their counterparts, if you go asking questions,people would protect the guys rather than the women because as far as they are concerned, the women are the criminals.
    I might be wrong here but I also think the woman’s Yoruba is not very “clean”, it’s pretty good, but there’s a hint of “foreign” in it and I can’t seem to detect any other nigerian accent in there. So my guess is she’s probably from one of these smaller neighboring countries and has been here for a while. Caveat though: this is a very wild guess with about 15% accuracy, it’s more of a gut feeling actually.
    Anyway, all the best with your search, if you go with it, please stay safe, but remember, keep your mind very open, don’t go in with the mindset that you want to go in and “save the day” or “save the woman from her miserable life and rehabilitate her” (sarcasm uunintended, just came out:)) if all you’re able to do is give her some money to feed her family, fine, because from the video, she stole the pepper to feed her family. But if she doesn’t want to go to the police, I think you should let her be too and respect that, don’t try and convince her that it’s the best for her, because fact is , it might not be. Let me paint a picture, they get caught, she starts getting victimized at the market, probably loses her stall, her only means of livelihood, children start getting picked on and attacked, neighbours stop being civil… I’m possibly exaggerating, but all I’m saying is if she doesn’t want to go to the police, please PLEASE leave her be and respect that decision. I don’t think the guys should get away with this, but if their not getting away with this will
    be the cause of great destabilization
    and discomfort to this woman, she might be better off if they get away with it this time. What we can do to prevent future occurences is to focus on sensitizing these women and letting them know that they shouldn’t keep quite when things like these are going on. Teach them to approach the right authorities and look out for themselves within the community And not think or act like victims, sensitization is key. My 2kobo


  3. S says:

    Oh gosh, so sorry, didn’t mean to take over your blog. Didn’t know the comments were this long


  4. S says:

    The guy with his leg on her head and shooting the video is an animal, no conscience whatsoever. Who does that?
    Also, what i was going to say and forgot (aabout the foreign connection) is that if I’m correct and she’s foreign, there’s also a bit of tribalism in here because as vehement as she is in her denial and claim that its the other (yoruba) girl that stole the clothes they didn’t torture that one that way and were even quoting the girl and saying that the girl is not lying. And I am Yoruba BTW


    • Wow!!! I don’t mind the length of the comment at all!!! You’ve been so helpful! I totally understand your worries, and it is nice to see that you’ve played Devil’s Advocate, kind of covered all the angles to this.

      I’m going to be honest and say I didn’t think of the opposition arising from the men being the ‘security’ of the area, and the tribalism angle as well.

      I do admit that now that you’ve written it like this it does look a little like ‘swooping in to save the day’ but to be honest, I’m just doing what I would expect a fellow female to do if they saw me in that position. A little too optimistic/ambitious but the plan is to go on with an open mind (thank you for helping me see the two possible ‘victory’ scenarios here) till I can’t anymore, and I will update this post as I go along.

      Bottom line, I am thoroughly grateful for your help, and the insight you’ve shared. Very grateful, and again, no you didn’t take over my blog. No one has the monopoly on knowledge especially on areas they are not familiar with, and this is just the kind of help I was looking for.



  5. Nky says:

    Wow, thanks S! I hadn’t considered those angles either.


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