“I have learnt that homosexuality exists in 450 species” – Okechukwu is a shining star on #31days31writers today!

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Where do I start from with Okechukwu? I met him once in 2008, while I was still at Aso Radio, and then we became work colleagues in 2009 when I started working with the BBC World Service Trust (now Media Action). Remember the mornings with kose and bread at Amma House? The listen back sessions? The noise and camaraderie in that our production corner, how we would drive Oga Eze crazy with our chatter? Do you remember the day you played out Beyonce’s ‘Telephone’ song for us in the office? I have never heard that song since then without thinking of you!

Okechukwu is a shining light, a true example of a young man who has his sights on greatness and is doing all he can to get there. He plays hard, but there’s no gainsaying that Okechukwu words hard, and I am mega proud of him! He has a Wikipedia entry here, and he sent me his submission in hours of my asking. Rockstar!

My name is Jake Okechukwu Effoduh; I am an unrepentant Nigerian.

I anchor a national radio programme on governance under the platform of the BBC Media Action called “Talk Your Own Make Naija Better” I also serve as a Special Adviser to the Director General of the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies where I work as a Research Fellow.

One thing I have learnt this year? Asides cramming so many statistics on human rights and minority populations, I have learnt that homosexuality exists in 450 species but homophobia exists in only one therefore without knowing a thing, one must not hate.

What I am grateful for? I am grateful to God for so many things! First, for making sure I’ve NEVER been ill for the 26 years of my existence. Second, for blessing me with a genotype that makes me immune to malaria. Third, for giving me a mighty and extraordinary appetite that has attracted a team of Israeli nutritionists who have come to Nigeria for the purpose of using me for an unprecedented survey, which I am getting paid for (although the money is very very small sha – these nutritionists and their aka gum. Lol) As for this year, I am grateful to God for my entrée into the prestigious University of Oxford on a very generous scholarship.

One thing I would do differently if I could? If I could, I would do many things differently, e.g. I would like to wear mufti to court; speak pidgin at meetings; and then most importantly: dance more on the road. The thing is, I love to take long walks with music blasting through my earpiece from my phone. For me, there is nothing more refreshing than listening to my favorite songs in the middle of the wind while in locomotion. It always induces me to bust a move, but I find myself responding to the music only when people are scarce on the road so that I don’t create a scene.


Don’t even let the serious face fool you, Okechukwu is a joke and half! And err, he is single. Is he? I don’t know o! Confirm before you start ‘busting your own moves’.

 P:S – Three days to the end of the #31days31writers project. I’m excited! It’s been an amazing ride; so many lessons, laughs, emotive moments, I will definitely do this again!

  1. wizzy says:

    This Okechukwu guy is just phenomenal! Period!


  2. Ah,this your blog,its addictive ah swear. I read this,wanted to comment but then I started clicking on links and I’ve being on a voyage on ur blog ever since. I am back now and I’ve forgotten what I wanted to say on this.*sigh*
    Will just say 3days to yeah? Nice.
    Being a journey for me also,learnt a lot frm the amazing people that wrote here..more grease Chioma!


  3. Talk about Grace!!! Okey you’re extremely graced…and funny! I’ll never stop saying it, you’re an inspiration to young people.


  4. Peter says:

    I’ve never met this Jake Okechukwu guy but I’ve read so much about him it’s like I’ve known him my whole life. His writings are witty always make me laugh. I hope to get to meet him in person someday…Good work Chioma, more oily grease to your elbows


  5. presh says:

    Its really been an incredible ride through your blog this month……too many lessons learnt already……please do this again


  6. Abdulwahab says:

    Chioma this is the best writer you have featured here so far. I don’t know him and I haven’t met him but I googled him and mehn the guy seems to be so real and unique. I can’t stop laughing at this post tho. He got me. Well done fairy


  7. Lol…Ah! A man after my heart. I like Okechukwu…unabashedly humorous, free spirit, hearty and intelligent brother.

    I already knew the pic won’t clinch with his image already formed in my head by his words, so I won’t be fooled ..lol
    It really would be great to watch him bust those moves sha…

    And yes FGS, this has been fabulous!!!!….and then some.
    Can it please not end?


    • Okechukwu is all that and more! One of those people I’m super proud of, people who inspire me to do and be more!

      As for it ending, my dear, it kinda ended today o, even though I’m already looking forward to season two!


  8. Nnedimma says:

    *grinning widely* Tell ’em bro! Homophobia is as bad as racism! And humans can hate sha!


    • You need to see the comments this post drew on Facebook! While I am neither impressed nor intrigued by homosexuality (because it is sin, no two ways about that), God did not make me senior prefect of the world to be condemning and dishing out judgements and sentences. That’s always been my stand, along with the famous quote, ‘our rights stop where those of the next man start’.


  9. […] “I have learnt that homosexuality exists in 450 species” – Okechukwu is a shining star on #31d… […]


  10. James Momoh Abdulkadir says:

    Nice one

    Okechukwu didn’t tell me about the Israeli deal oh, I am finding out on a blog. No wahala sha, no wonder the guy has been eating as if he wants to fill up a building. All the best bro, I hope they do not perform any surgery on you.

    I am just learning about the 450 species. I have seen documentaries of homosexual animals and I dont know why human beings cant just realize that nature and religion will conflict. Were all the men in the Bible straight? I have gay role models (Abraham Lincoln, Anderson Cooper) and I have straight enemies (plenty) so people will just keep hating what they no nothing about but I trust naija, the open homophobes are even the closeted gay folks. lmao. I have noting against anyone. heteros and homos are born that way.

    fairysister, I am inspired by your blog and I keep saying I will start mine but I keep procrastinating, This year I will start mine and maybe I will interview people who are doing good things. kudos Okechukwu (Jake), selfless brother.

    James Momoh


    • Ha ha ha at eating as if he wants to fill up a building!!!
      I didn’t know about the species as well, and I totally agree with people realizing that they cannot force their beliefs on anyone.
      Thank you for the compliments on the blog James, please let us know when you start yours so we can visit!
      Take good care…


  11. […] “I have learnt that homosexuality exists in 450 species” – Okechukwu is a shining star on #31d… […]


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