How did I meet Lizzie? One day, I was working on some document, and all of a sudden, my iTouch started buzzing like every other minute with notifications I knew were from WordPress. I knew I didn’t upload anything on the blog that day so I was wondering what the novelty was about. After I’d heard the 16th buzz, I peeled myself from my seat and picked up the device. The entire screen was covered with ‘Lizzie liked a post, Lizzie left a comment, Lizzie reblogged this post…”, there must have been 40 notifications at once!

Ahh. I googled her o. Then I checked out her blog. And I fell in love with her. But it took me a full day to catch up with replying all the comments she had left! By the time she was done, she had read EVERYTHING on this blog, about 320 posts, in just under two weeks. I have never been that flattered in my entire life; nothing else comes close.

We spoke, and it was funny that she was completing my sentences, from things she had read here. Cute, cute, cute! 

Lizzie’s a Pastor’s child like me; she’s got a beautiful heart, and it is an honor to have someone who knows me in and out on the blog today. And I am looking forward to meeting her, it’s definitely on my to-do list for 2014.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, for the 29th day of my #31days31writers project, Lizzie!

I haven’t had a year like 2013! No, I haven’t. To think I’d someday grow to the point where I can consciously evaluate and chronicle my year and even share confidently, not just in a diary. Hmm…one word; progress!

Hi! My name is Elisabeth Ezekiel. I’m Nigerian and a final year student in the university, fulfilling requirements for a BSc degree in Sociology. Seems I’m the youngest of the lot (career wise), who ‘does’ people for a living.

Yes, you read right; I’m inexplicably intrigued by people and this intrigue forms the template for career options I would pursue in the nearest future. Up until what I do for a living can be categorised conventionally (or not), I ‘do’ people for a living – serving, uplifting, reaching out. It’s who I am. Essentially.

2013 started on a high note, in fact, the “word” for the year was, “uncontrollable exhilaration” meaning events, people and situations would always be orchestrated as reasons for laughter. I did find reasons to laugh no doubt, however more in the lives of others than mine. Ironic…no?

As the year wore on, I found myself balancing school work, fellowship and other commitments, perfect smokescreens for the high & low pendulum my life swung to and from. In fact by the time I wrote my first semester exams, I was so depressed, I entertained bargains with God that bordered on Him taking me home as I was just tired and didn’t think I would be sorely missed…lol.

Well, as you can already tell, He didn’t take me *smile* My guess, no scratch that, I’m convinced, the timing wasn’t right and more importantly, He’s got an ultimately GOOD plan for my life that He’s unravelling by the day.

By the second half of the year, ASUU struck. *mirthless chuckle* and morphed into what would eventually be a long, approximately six month break from school, ultimately extending my stay in the university to 2014. Oh, we moaned, sighed, complained, joked, shook our heads, the works. Alas! Our Ogas At The Top couldn’t be bothered.

Disappointments and self-deprecation followed this period, but I decided to see the good in all of this. I needed to, for my sanity.

As 2013 draws to a close, I’m thankful for the ‘interesting’ experiences and the realities that came home to me. In a sense, 2013 seemed like a year of years to me, you know, like I lived a number of years bundled up in one year; I would eventually come to understand that as catching a glimpse into God’s timelessness, His eternity.

In all of this, I learned this year that I matter. More than that, I learned that I am not the sole member of the appreciation committee, that my life was worth being celebrated by others too. I saw ME through really cool glasses this year. I understood Faith as a lifestyle (understanding and living in God’s will for me always) and not just a ticket to material resources. The meaning of CHIMAMANDA also came home to me this year, I experienced God’s Love-Commitment to me.

Oh, I’m most thankful my writing mojo came back, after a long time. It helped me put myself out there, learning to live life wholly, full & free. I’m grateful for blogs, relationships, good health and music this year. They literally saved my life.

What would I do differently? That’s easy, I would redeem the time. I won’t be caught napping when unexpected surprises come. I lost time this year sadly, but I press on. I would take more risks, exploit the power of alternatives, stay connected to the rhythm of my source, maybe trust more and by God, I would leap over walls in 2014.

Thank you FGS!


Rockstar!!! Can’t wait to meet you babe!


  1. Yes!!! Redeeming the time is extremely vital! God didn’t take you coz he knew you’ll do much more with the awakening that just hit you. 2014 will not take you by surprise….amem


  2. Ah,today’s Lizzie’s day? Let’s see if I can imitate and drop one of her classic comments…
    She read 320posts in two weeks yeah? Wow!
    Of course,only Lizzie can do that,I also met her via many lovely comments on my blog too and I do agree with you,she’s got a beautiful heart + she’s one of those I can yab and tease one minute and discuss serious stuff with the next minute,yeah,she’s cool like that.
    And you are both preacher’s kids huh? Thumbs up! U r both repping Christ wella.
    I can so relate with the faith as a lifestyle for 2013 lessons,it became more than a word,I lived it and it brought me inexplicable miracles from God in 2013 and oh,the napping thing and redeeming the time,I did lots of that in 2013,was caught idling away when I should have been making better use of my time. prayerfully 2014 would be different.
    Well,before I write another post,let’s just say,I can sooo relate with your chronicles,its almost as if I lived it too…
    I hope I got a pass mark for trying to reproduce Lizzie’s classic comments (minus the grammar).hehe.
    Cheers to leaping over walls in 2014 babes,cheers!
    And FGS,meeting up with Lizzie is in ur to-do list for 2014 yeah? Add me on that list o,in fact,if your meet up with lizzie comes before mine,I am crashing that meeting as an uninvited guest. I haff talk my own. Hehe.
    Happy Sunday.


    • Ahhh!!!…where do I begin nwanne mmadu? Chai! Such high esteem you hold me in. I’m humbled….trust me darling, you not only reproduced my acclaimed classic comment, you upped the ante girl!
      Thank you 🙂 Thank you 🙂 Thank you 🙂
      Lol…yeah i’m cool like that. *wink* much as your compliment warms my heart,I daresay its a mirror expression of who you are too. (afteral like attracts like…no?)
      I’m so glad you could relate on some counts. The rate at which we are going, you’ll soon become a twin sister…lol

      Yes o!Cheers to leaping over them walls dear! A people helped by God!

      I’m still cracking up at your crashing the meet comment. Kai Frances! You’ll be the death of me yet…lol.. Don’t worry, FGS will merely pull some fairy stunts to banish you from the hangout :p

      Thank you again dear! And no, on that comment scale?you aced it! No jokes!


    • Lol… Not going to get in between all the comments both of you are exchanging abeg.

      And I’ve already pencilled you in for a drink na, haven’t I? Looks like it’ll be easier to meet up with you sef… So ease up on the crashing… Lol.


  3. Awwww,just re-read my comment after posting it, on a scale of 10, mine isn’t up to 2.
    Oh well, it just goes to show that only you can do that. *smiles*


  4. FGS oooo!!!
    I’m glad I braced up mehn! I woulda been bowled off by your effusive introduction&presentation.
    E’ buzzed me,ï read it in church quickly *covers face*, chuckled,grinned and stifled my burgeoning laughter. I felt like I was reading another’s profile…lol

    Thank you Chioma! I appreciate this big! And yes, I look forward to that meet in 2014. It would be an honor.

    Bless your very wonderful heart! May your life be an unending tale of all’round resplendence.

    Cheers and a Merry New Year 😀


  5. Reblogged this on Lizzie's Default and commented:
    Yaaaaaaaay!!! I got featured on the remarkable Fairy Godsister’s blog today as a contributor on the gradually winding down #31days#31writers series, where she presents individuals who have chronicled their year of sorts. Its been the most interesting experience, following&gleaning from rich, different stories each day.
    I should let you get to it already…Don’t forget to share your impressions from this post.
    Thank you. 🙂


  6. Nnedimma says:

    Hello FGS. Thanks for this medium.
    Lizzie oh! And I, the lucky witness to the timeless year…. Cheers to 2014 and to incredible leaps!


  7. Yep, this whole post just screams Lizzie… She did pretty much the same to my blog, I was shocked to say the least, but shocked as I was, it paled in comparison with the “blown away” feeling I got, when we started communicating. Glad to have met her this Year. 🙂 She still doesn’t know I’m a pastor’s son though, there’d be no end to that discussion…


    • Awwwwwnnnnnn Ochuko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Youuuuuuuuu!!!!! Thank you buddy! You are the best! I’ve been laughing,squealing,jumping and tearing up reading all these comments and family’s wondering if i’ve suddenly gone bonkers…lol
      You know the pleasure’s been ALL mine yeah? meeting you this year i.e. Good thing you aren’t so skinny or you woulda been completely blown into thin air and robbed me of the pleasure i’ve had knowing you… 😉
      Ehen? So you have been hiding?clap for yourself. Well, now that I know, you owe me a loooooooonnnnngggg convo. You know as e dey go now…

      Thank you dear.


    • Ha ha ha! Now that you have mentioned you are here, I’m sure she knows! Nice to meet another ‘PK’, I’ll definitely be checking out your blog Ochuko!
      Thank you for stopping by!


  8. Oh! Lizzie is a great blogger and a great reader, too! Sometimes, I think I write for her only, because she’s the top commenter on my blog and her comments are really interesting and insightful!
    I wish you the best of 2014.


    • Awww…coming from you ‘Dare, that line about being a great blogger is the coolest endorsement ever…i’m tickled all shades of pink….
      Lol@top commenter…you know sometimes, I think i’m more a blog-hopper than a blogger…i’lld prolly win awards for commenting than blogging.

      Thank you kind sir. I’m glad we ‘met’. Cheers to an awesome 2014 ahead! 🙂


    • Hello Dare! I think Lizzie is just great with commenting on blogs, I wish I could do that more!


  9. Yup, this post sounds just like Lizzie! Happy New Year to you and your family!


  10. […] “I understood faith as a lifestyle this year” – Lizzie […]


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