Today is the last day of 2013, and the end of the #31days31writers project. Whoop! I am more than grateful to everyone who took the time to send in an entry, and for the ones I asked who for one reason or the other, couldn’t. I’m excited that everyone learned something, and blessed that thanks to one platform, I could share the experiences of 31 amazing people. Thank you so much!

2013 has been my most challenging year, I’m not even going to muck about. From losing 4 cousins and an aunty in a road accident, to an uncle, and then my most precious aunty Pat, there have been times when I didn’t know if I wanted to see the next morning. And it’s not like I didn’t lose anyone else, I just stopped counting. Death is cruel, shameless, and without discretion, but it taught me a few things. I learned to make every minute count, to make the effort to keep in touch, to love hard, but also to  know when to walk away.

I learned that acquaintances are plenteous, but friends are few, and to cherish each friendship (and pray to God they return the favour, lol).

I learned firsthand that depression and suicidal tendencies are real, and not just the exclusive preserve of the ‘West’. And I learned that God is bigger. Oh He’s a whole lot bigger!

I learned that I just might have a little issue with replying emails in a timely fashion. And I am determined (and working towards) not having that on my list of things to work on by the end of 2014.

It wasn’t all gloom and doom though (according to Russell Howard) – my dad launched his writing ministry this year with six books, and has since written another three (rockstar), my Boo Boo turned one this year, and at eighteen months is feeding himself (my baby Einstein)! I did quite a bit of travelling this year (for which I am grateful), and there are locked down work trips for the new year already! My mom, big brothers and sister are alive, healthy, prosperous; God is leading us to our place of rest and I couldn’t be more grateful. I love you guys to the moon and back!

My baby channeling the Christmas spirit!

My baby channeling the Christmas spirit! He’s the cutest baby on earth!

I am grateful for Nike Coker (Chief Sista), Francesca Uriri (my sister girl), and my bestie Wumi; friends who have literally become blood. People I would give anything for, people I would lay down my life for (hopefully they don’t ask *smile*); people for whom I am number one (sometimes, anytime, more than one time, lol!), in words, thoughts, and deeds. I love you and I am thankful you were a part of my year.

Now that I’ve covered what I’ve learned and the people I am grateful for, what would I do differently if I could? Nothing. I would say I’d keep all those precious ones from dying but that’s not my decision to make (wouldn’t have happened in the first place if it was).

And, because I can (and it is *cough cough* my blog), I have two resolutions for the new year:

1. Work VERY hard to reply emails/messaging in nothing over 24 hours.

2. Succeed! Big time!

Thanks a million for being on my blog today, and therefore being a part of my 2013. Have an extra productive new year!

Peace, love, and God’s great blessings,

The Fairy GodSister.

2013-11-30 22.31.29

Miss CC!!

P:S – I thought I would do one separate post thanking all my writers and listing all their articles; that story is here.

  1. And I’m grateful I met you even though its blog-wise and I can so relate with the friends things.
    As for your 2nd resolution,to suceed,that’s part of the reason why I did a thank you to you on my post today.
    Cheers to an awesome 2014.

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  2. Berry says:

    I’m pissed! You didn’t thanks us;your commenters. This thank you post is not complete. Mtcheeeew!

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  3. E' says:

    Nne I have one prayer point for you this year…
    You will lose NO ONE.
    I dare the devil.
    Thankfully God gave you testimonies despite.
    Shout out to your Rockstar dad mehn
    And Liam is growing up adorable indeed

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  4. Berry says:

    Hehehe! Getting a paragraph dedicated to me from the FGS herself deserves a daaaance from me! Lol! This is the first time my name will appear on this blog. No, second time. The first time was during the ‘a pinch of humor series’. I remember sending in plenty other pictures so that my name would keep appearing. Lol. #shamelessme.

    Thank you the Pretty,Fabulous and Cool Fairy GodSister.

    And E’, I have a confession, I’m the ‘Chidi’ commenter on your own blog also. Lol. When I want to be ‘anonymous’, I use the name ‘Chidi’. Meanwhile, thanks to you. I chat with your Pastor M on bbm. The woman is all shades of cool. Very down to earth. She’s surprised I haven’t met you before/know you on a personal note. #thepowerofsocialmedia.

    Thanks,Ladies! Happy New Year. May all your dreams come through this year.

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    • Ha ha ha!!! Confessions, confessions, confessions!! Eziaha you should thank me specially (with a gift *cough*) for facilitating this confession!

      I like to be anonymous on blogs too, just that I end up leaving the comment as The Fairy GodSister. So much for ‘anonymous’.

      Berry darling, you’re welcome!


  5. Onaedo says:

    Thank you Chioma for allowing me be part of your 2013 by writing in. Thank you to all the other 30 writers for allowing me share in what the past year held for you. I learnt a whole lot from everyone.
    May this year hold greater blessings, love, peace, joy and all things beautiful for us all! Cheers!

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  7. Yes,fingers crossed + lmao at ‘nearly perished from the cuteness’.
    Ah,FGS! Lol

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