What’s your excuse? I say there’s none!

Posted: January 9, 2014 in DAY 2 DAY
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I love TED Talks, a lot. Some mornings (and I’m up most mornings at 4.50am) and just start my day with a talk or two (or three) as I work. Brilliant boost, that inspiration, the laughter, the thought, the new perspectives on issues that gives me is priceless.

A couple days ago, I stumbled on a video on Facebook. It was a TED talk by an incredible speaker, Maysoon Zayid on how the actions of the drunk doctor who was in charge of her birth made a mistake that left her with cerebral palsy.

And yet, she has presented on TV, done tours, acted in movies, and a host of other incredible things, including delivering a TED talk! What is your excuse for not reaching your potential? What’s that thing that’s holding you back?

Let’s watch the video, and I’ll ask again.

Did you enjoy it? I did! So, what’s our excuse for not doing well, for not being everything we want to be? Squash it! There is no excuse!

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  1. This is Amazing! I love her already. Everyone is created for a purpose and she found hers in her disability. It further proves that some of the best internal discoveries are made when life knocks us out! #Fighting!


    • I know right! And the interesting thing is, I was looking down on myself for something I’d applied for when I stumbled on that video! The kind of gratitude it whipped up in my heart? I can’t even explain. Plus I was so inspired! May soon is a winner!


  2. What a fantastic lady! She never gave up and isn’t that the key to her success!! Love it! Bless you my friend ~Zoey


  3. Downloaded some ted talks frm a link I saw in ur blog, I love love them,they are tres inspiring! We have no excuse,none at all! Thanks for sharing FGS!


  4. […] I read/watch people who are doing great things despite peculiar circumstances. First it was the Maysoon Zayid video and the story of how she’s done pretty much everything she’s wanted to do, […]


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