First time Cheta introduced Sylvester to us at YNaija2015, I was just grateful for someone who was happy to travel and cover elections for us. We exchanged a few emails (on logistics, tasks, uninteresting stuff), and then he was off to Edo for the local government elections.

And then it was like a 300watts light bulb switched on inside of Sylvester once he got there. Show me ten men with excitement and passion for their work, and I would give you Sylvester. I think he came alive in a very special way just being on ground in Edo. He’s high up there on the list of my friends who become animated at the scent of anything political.

We talked a lot more after that, he was always quick to retrieve and verify information for me and spent one particular afternoon phoning up different people just because I asked for the elections calendar for local government elections around the country (a whole INEC doesn’t even have that, but that’s a totally different story).

For the farce that was the gubernatorial elections in Anambra, Sylvester outdid himself. Pictures, text (he would live-blog for each election), audio, and even videos, we didn’t lack for content at all. So much that when his laptop and phone died, he started texting me information! I remember he called me that night, miffed that they had been barred from entering the hall where the results were to be announced, and dogs had been set on them to scare them away. In all of the chaos, he said, “don’t worry Chioma, I will find a way to get in”.

When I saw on Twitter that he had been in an accident, on the same road that took Bankole Taiwo in 2012, I was heartbroken. I prayed to God, begged Him to have mercy, to save this one. I couldn’t be there to hold his hand; I wasn’t even allowed to speak with him any of the times I rang.

I was speaking to his wife on the night of the 4th, missed a call from Chude on my other phone. When we spoke, Chude said Sylvester was gone.  And I said no, that I had just spoken to his wife, and we had just believed God for a miracle. I don’t even know how to call her now, don’t know what to tell her. Words…words are so overestimated.

I never met you Sylvester, but I can imagine God needed someone to chronicle the happenings in heaven for those of us who aren’t there yet. And so even though we hurt, and our hearts are so heavy, we remain subject to His will.

I miss you Sylvester, we all miss you terribly.

Rest in peace, Sly Barzini. Je nke oma.



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  1. taiwoadewole says:

    So sad, I have never met him in person, but we do chat on BB and also share a BB group, May his Soul Rest in Peace


  2. oh no…we remain subject to His will like you said..may he RIP


  3. Yele says:

    Aww..he sure sounds like the kind of person to be fondly remembered..may God continue to give you and Ofcus his family the strength to bear the loss..RIP Sylvester


  4. Chioma:

    Your friend was courageous, tenacious for the truth and a true follower of our Lord Jesus. His dedication will be rewarded in Heaven and his life will carry a message through your beautiful stories. Bless you~Zoey


  5. Omg I was about to say that we still have great minds in naija until I read further. I pray that he gives you the strength to keep on keeping on. You said it all, we are subjectto His will. Continue to RIP 😦


    • It’s all the more annoying that he’s the second young person who has lost his life to that road that I know of. And the state has a governor who is seeking reelection and causing trouble all over the place…

      It is well, God will help his family and all of us feel better.


  6. IVY BEN says:

    Another beautiful piece. However my heart skips a beat when I read stories like this from you coa at the end I find out the person is gone & sadly so too. eg Aunty Pat, Danny & now Sylvester.


  7. Taiwo says:

    What a great guy! The list continues again…young zestful lifes cut short @ their prime for this country’s sake. God help us, strengthen our resolve & make us worthy in such a time. Let’s get more angry for the dream.


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