The right solution for the wrong problem

Posted: February 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

How’s everyone doing? Nice week? I got two fabulous testimonies yesterday, another brilliant one on Wednesday, I just feel like God is working through my file of requests! Hallelujah!

Quick post today on a lesson I learned early this morning. So I spent the night at a friend’s. We had a strategy meeting and I knew it was going to end too late for me to go home so I’d mentioned to the wife that depending on how late, I would spend the night. Bless her and her husband for hosting me (and everyone else who attended the meeting) really nicely. Shout out to all the good men who cook, your reward is in heaven! Whoop! And maybe on earth too, if you get my drift, but I digress.

Anyway so we watched a really lovely movie after the meeting called ‘Something New’, and then it was bedtime.

I got into bed and was asleep a few short minutes after. But I woke up about an hour after cos I was hot. I reduced the amount of clothing I had on, and I was still hot. Shed a bit more, and I woke up in a sweat!

A bit perplexed, and annoyed that my short sleep was getting even shorter, I woke up and opened the window. Now that’s something I never do at night, I always fear something might come in and carry me away. It’s a very real fear o, even though I can manage to laugh about it with Booski.

Anyway, even with the window open, and the close to 0 degrees, somehow my royal majesty was still hot. I woke up, and started to gather myself to go lie down in the living room when my eyes strayed to the radiator, and I saw it was on, and it was on the highest.

I smiled, turned it off, and learned the lesson I’m sharing with you now.

Sometimes we go through stuff and we wonder why we don’t feel better, or it looks like regardless of everything we’re  doing to solve it, the problem isn’t going away. Have we stopped to think that perhaps we haven’t correctly defined the problem? Look at me for instance, everything I did didn’t help the heat because it was aimed at the wrong thing.

So, think about it, pray about it, and be sure of the problem you’re trying to solve before you start running around like a headless chicken, in vain.



The offending heater... Thank God for heaters, lol

  1. inyusadabs says:

    Great lesson if you ask me and I’m glad you shared!!! Mwah!!!


  2. […] I’ve written about this before – one time when I’d spent the night at a friend’s and I was really hot, even after I took after everything I was wearing. Turns out I’d been working the radiator wrong, and therefore not getting any results for all the effort I was putting in. […]


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