Oh the joy of great customer service – thank you Ikalone!

Posted: February 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

Sometimes it looks like I’m always complaining about the service I receive – make no mistake about it, if the service or service providers are crap, I will complain. Call them out sharply.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a bit, you’d probably be aware that so far, my greatest albatross is banks. I have stories of terrible service from GTB (which they rectified), and from Stanbic IBTC (which they rectified too).

But, I’m excited! Like proper, proper excited with GTB!  There’s a little back-story, before I tell you why I’m excited though.

Sometime in 2012 (must have been about October), I needed a corporate account for CC Consulting Services, and I went to GTB. Met some lady in marketing for the form and the how-to. Long story short, she gave me such a run around I completely abandoned the idea. Till Monday.

I went to GTB (because again the need for the account arose) in the afternoon of the 24th, and I approached another lady. No exaggeration when I say she was so helpful! I was there with all the necessary documents anyway (not like it helped me that day in 2012) but this lady was so helpful!

I had to refill the forms because my signature wasn’t regular (never is by the way), and she talked me through it all very patiently. Turns out we have a mutual friend (Queen Rita of Hot FM), and by the time I was leaving just under an hour later, everything  was sorted! It was so ‘sorted’ I made a deposit.

It gets better. She rang that night to say she’d gotten my account number, and sent an SMS with it less than an hour later. I was so chuffed!

And so I celebrate Ikalone Udo today – beautiful, patient, and super efficient; talk about someone who knows her work in and out!

She’s new to Twitter too, as @Ikaloudo. Please show her some love, and thank her (very very well) for me.  Try not to disturb her too much with your GTB issues o, we don’t want to chase off Twitter with our requests!

She’s one of the reasons I had a fabulous 24th of February, so thank you GTB!

What stories of great service do you have?


  1. 1 + The One says:

    This is great! I have a lot of bones to pick with customer service in Nigeria and GTB in particular has a bad reputation (I experienced one only last week and I was going to make a formal report – like guys seriously, check your staff!) so it’s very refreshing to read something nice!
    Well done Ikalone.. Hope you get a bonus! xx


  2. […] time it was in praise of Ikalone Udo, a super-efficient lady who set up my business account in one visit to the bank after because of stress I’d […]


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